Still My President

In an America where we are constantly expected to be a single issue supporter, I can today, proudly say that Donald J Trump is still my President. … [Read more...]

Sarah Silverman, Practice What You Preach!

Comedian, and I use the term loosely Sarah Silverman has once again highlighted her Liberal hypocrisy. I have to say for transparency that I used … [Read more...]

Twitter Attacks Conservatives AGAIN

After what seems like a myriad of attacks towards the Conservatives on Social Media, Twitter strikes further blows to fairness and The 1st Amendment, … [Read more...]

Accuracy of Trump Opinion Polls Questioned.

It's Seems President Trump id giving a middle finger to recent polls that shows 46 percent of Americans approve of his job performance. But the same … [Read more...]

Is an Impartial Clinton Investigation Close?

It seems there are rumblings in the political jungle regarding a possible new investigation into one Hillary Rodham Clinton.  From America's mouth, to … [Read more...]

GQ Says Colin Kaepernick is Citizen of The Year?

GQ Magazine, today announced it's citizen of the year. Was it a Politician? No. Was it a pop star? Nope. Was it Barack Obama? Oh get serious. Well who … [Read more...]

Hannity backs Moore, and loses Advertisers. I stand with Hannity,

After Sean Hannity recently and quite rightly supported Judge Roy Moore, some Advertisers have pulled their ads from the show. Hannity echoed the … [Read more...]

Barack Obama Trashes Trump Via Letter

Has no one informed Barack Hussein Obama that he is no longer President of The United States of America? It seems the poor lamb was not content with … [Read more...]

Happy Veterans Day, and Thank You

Every year on Veterans Day, we roll out the platitudes and enjoy our long weekend. We fire up the grill and invite over the neighbors and enjoy some … [Read more...]

Rape – The Liberal Hypocrisy is Endless (Guilty till proven Innocent)

  It used to be accepted that in the USA, if you were accused of a crime, you were innocent until proven guilty. There now seems to be a gaping, … [Read more...]