Who is Making a Difference in the NBA This Season

The NBA season for this year 2018 - 2019 is just heating up. Over the last four years, the Golden State Warriors have been on top. Even this year, … [Read More...]


Who is Making a Difference in the NBA This Season

The NBA season for this year 2018 - 2019 is just heating up. Over the last four years, the Golden State Warriors have been on top. Even this year, there seems to be no indication that they have slowed down. We … [Read More...]

Is the NFL Calling Too Many Penalties this Season?

First of all, it looks like the game has way too many rules this season. It is almost as if they have grown tenfold over the years. In the current state, it is as if the game is way too complex. As a result of … [Read More...]

Freedom On Deck: Dr. Alveda King and Xander Gibb

Freedom on Deck #141 looks into voter fraud, the left’s incivility, the war on boys and men with guest Dr. Warren Farrell, the right to life of the unborn with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece Dr. Alveda … [Read More...]

Is Your Data Protected by Tech Companies?

If you compare the technology of the recent times with what existed only a decade ago, you will notice that there has been a significant level of improvement. Just about two decades ago, things such as graphic … [Read More...]

Is fear and intimidation the left’s new strategy?

Is fear and intimidation the left’s new strategy? Fear is indeed the most important strategy that leftists seem to be using nowadays. In fact, the use of fear and intimidation is quite common among leftists … [Read More...]

What is Augmented Reality?

For the last thirty years, arcade games have a source of entertainment. Remember Pong, it was introduced in the 1970s? In the early days of computers, the graphics were not all that great. Over time the … [Read More...]

Will Other States Follow California’s Net Neutrality Legislation

California no sooner passes a net neutrality law, Gov. Brown signs it into law, and the feds sued. Also filing lawsuits against California over net neutrality are four lobby groups representing most if not all … [Read More...]

Tips to Make the Best out of Black Friday

The holiday season is just around the corner. Along with the cheer and joy comes the daunting and expensive task of buying gifts for all your loved ones. This is where November’s Black Friday comes in to save … [Read More...]

Trump to Sessions: You’re FIRED!

What took so long? After Jeff Sessions submitted his letter of resignation to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, President Trump took to twitter to say: "We … [Read More...]

Has the Pixel 3 Lived Up to the Hype?

Has the pixel 3 lived up to the hype? There has been quite a lot of hype surrounding the Pixel 3 phone by Google. However, according to critics, Google Pixel 3 has not certainly lived up to its hype. Although … [Read More...]

Live Stream: Midterm results Catch all midterm results … [Read More...]

Which iphone is best for you?

iPhone X, XS, XS Max, or XR The iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS Max are an update of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. As far as the design of these phones goes, there is quite a lot of … [Read More...]

Windows 10 Bug Causes Malfunction in File Association

Microsoft's list of buggy update releases keeps getting bigger by the month. A bug has been discovered affecting the operating systems file association. This is the component that allows you to tell Windows … [Read More...]

First Section of Boring Company LA Tunnel on Track for December Opening

Los Angeles traffic is infamous throughout the U.S for its insane levels of congestion. Public officials have long been trying to curb LA’s traffic congestion with little to show for it. This is where the … [Read More...]

Hackers Steal Private Facebook Messages of 81,000 Users

A report by news site BBC states hackers have managed to extract private Facebook messages from 81,000 users. Most of the users affected are located in Russia and Ukraine with some cases also reported on other … [Read More...]

Elon Musk Steps Down As Tesla Chairman: What Does This Mean For The Company?

Adjudication In September 2018, Elon Musk and the Securities and Exchange Commission came to an agreement. The agreement stems from a lawsuit filed against Musk by the SEC after Musk's attempt to take Tesla … [Read More...]

How Can Blockchain Technology Be Used For Cybersecurity?

For almost a decade, blockchain technology has been around. In the beginning, it was formed as a means to exchange Bitcoin. However, with the globalization of this technology, it can be used for in a number of … [Read More...]

Is Logging In with Google and Facebook a Security Concern?

Registering to other services using google and Facebook pose a security threat. Nowadays, Facebook profiles are considered to have identities of users stored in its database. So when a user logins via … [Read More...]

What is Quantum Computing?

First and foremost, it is important to note that quantum computing may not replace classical computers. Apart from that, quantum computing is still being researched on extensively, and it might take another … [Read More...]

Are Cryptocurrencies Heading Into Another Bull Market?

Do you follow Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple? Do you think cryptocurrency will go into another bull Market? Remember November 2017, when one could invest $120,000 into bitcoin and see that investment become … [Read More...]