Trump To Unveil Tax Reform Plan Wednesday

One thing even #NeverTrumpers could even admit about Donald Trump the candidate was that taxes should wind up being cut under his presidency.  He … [Read More...]


Trump To Unveil Tax Reform Plan Wednesday

One thing even #NeverTrumpers could even admit about Donald Trump the candidate was that taxes should wind up being cut under his presidency.  He campaigned on a platform of 3 personal income brackets, topping … [Read More...]

Closing in on 100 days: Has Donald Trump Met his Committments?

One of the landmark moments of the Trump presidential campaign was his speech in Gettysburg, PA, where he outlined his contract with America. This Saturday will mark the 100th day of his Presidency. Below, we … [Read More...]

Power of the Pen: Trump to sign Executive Orders dealing with Taxes and Financial Regulation

The President is signing new executive orders today which review significant 2016 tax regulations along with two separate reviews aimed at a roll back of Dodd-Frank financial regulations. One order directs the … [Read More...]

The O’Reilly Factor is OFF: Fox News Fires Top Rated Host

Legendary Fox News host Bill O'Reilly was shockingly fired Wednesday amid mounting sexual harrassment claims against the human ratings machine. Saying that it was "tremendously disheartening" he and the … [Read More...]

Brady Skips White House Visit By World Champion New England Patriots

New England Patriots superstar Tom Brady cited "personal family matters" for missing the annual White House visit by Superbowl winners. His Statement: “I am so happy and excited that our team is being honored … [Read More...]

Chaffetz: An Example of a True Public Servant

Head of the US House of Representatives Oversight Committee Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) will not seek reelection in 2018. He stated in a Facebook post earlier today: Thank you! Thank you for allowing me to … [Read More...]

Buy American, Hire American: Trump signs order to prevent immigration fraud and abuse

President Trump will sign an order today aimed at changing the H-1B visa program that brings in highly skilled workers from overseas. The White House claims the H-1B program undercuts American workers by … [Read More...]

Ryong: United States is “Reckless “

North Korea's deputy U.N. ambassador Kim In Ryong told a media gathering that "if the U.S. dares opt for a military action," North Korea "is ready to react to any mode of war desired by the U.S." Ryong stated … [Read More...]

The People Approve: Trump hits 50% on Latest Rasmussen Poll

President Trump has had his share of ups and downs since he took office in January. He peaked at a 59% approval rating right after the inauguration and then fell as low as 36% according to gallup between March … [Read More...]

#FreeKristianSaucier: A Call For Justice

Kathleen and Sadie Saucier, the mother and wife, respectively, of imprisoned former United States Navy Machinist Mate Petty Officer 1st Class Kristian Saucier, have spent months bombarding social media groups … [Read More...]

Assad denies reponsibility for latest Chemical Attack

While lobbying for an 'impartial' investigation, Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad called last weeks horrific chemical attack a"100 percent fabrication" used to justify a U.S. air strike, news agency AFP reported … [Read More...]

Trump: “We are going to lay out what the red lines are.”

  Donald Trump was interviewed by Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo on Monday and gave some insight as to the direction of the United States going forward after our initial show of aggression last week … [Read More...]

Media: From “watchdogs” to “lapdogs”

There was a time when the media was a sentinel for the American people, not simply a public relations "arm" for a liberal administration.  The solid election of Trump shocked and horrified both the Obama … [Read More...]

Tillerson Questions Russia’s Complicity as Iran joins Russia in Warning America

  Has Russia been involved in helping Syrian President Bashar al-Assad? Whether Russia is being either "Complicit" or "Incompetent" is what United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson among others in … [Read More...]

Tillerson’s messaging: Are we flexible on Assad? What about China and North Korea?

Rex Tillerson over the last couple of days has been more visible, involved and has reversed what appeared to be a more reclusive public persona earlier in his tenure as Secretary of State. With the first major … [Read More...]

Message from American Jew in Israel to Alt Right: “Grow up!”

For those who are part of the Alt. right group, I am not talking about the ones who simply disagree with POTUS Trump, I am talking about the ones who hate Israel, Jews and our supporters, the ones who jumped … [Read More...]

US aggression in Syria is bad news for Russia

  The world awaits the fallout of last nights Tomahawk Missile attack on one of Syria's 6 major air combat installations and the one believed to responsible for launching Wednesday's chemical weapons … [Read More...]

Mitch McConnell Fires Shot Across the Bow

The Republicans have gone Nuclear! As someone who has watched with disdain the path that the establishment Republicans have taken since winning both chambers in the 2014 midterm, I was equally shocked and … [Read More...]

Two States, Two different outlooks

Texas Vs. California: How will our State “Laboratories” innovate under Trump? It seems over the past 8 years of Barack Obama’s presidency that we have become more divided as a country then in any time I can … [Read More...]

We cannot let the Rice scandal distract Congress from fixing the economy

Donald Trump symbolized to many this last election cycle the idea that America Exceptionalism was based on the opportunity that a free society affords. Touting his ideas on deregulation and tax reform, he … [Read More...]