In Depth: Who is Omarosa and Why Should We Care

Previously known for saying ‘great things’ about Trump, now Omarosa Manigault Newman is declaring war against his former boss. The former White House … [Read More...]


In Depth: Who is Omarosa and Why Should We Care

Previously known for saying ‘great things’ about Trump, now Omarosa Manigault Newman is declaring war against his former boss. The former White House Aide has remained defiant even if her feud with the … [Read More...]

Facebook Stops Results for Drug Related Searches

Facebook has stopped its search queries from showing pages or groups containing opioids and other drugs related content. Many drug dealers have used Facebook pages to market their illegal services and acquire … [Read More...]

The Importance of Cyber Security in Our Cities

As our cities' infrastructure becomes increasingly dependant on interconnected devices and the internet, cybersecurity is becoming intertwined with public safety.  However, Information Technology(IT) is … [Read More...]

Australian 16-Year-Old Hacks 90GB of Data From Apple

Never underestimate how tech-savvy teenagers are these days. A 16-year-old Australian high school student managed to hack 90GB worth of data from Apple’s network. When Apple detected the breach, they informed … [Read More...]

NFL Training Camp Updates The NFL is gearing up for the new season in training camp again this week, and the playoff contenders of 2018 aren’t crushing it the same way they did last year. The … [Read More...]

Will Pixel 3 be Google’s best phone ever?

Are you excited about what may come with the newest generation of Google’s Pixel series flagship? Launched in 2016, Google’s Pixel smartphone series has since become one of the most interesting smartphones in … [Read More...]

Google is developing an AI-Powered Fitness Coach for Wear OS devices

While Apple has dominated the wearables market for some time now, Google is showing that it is not out of the fight yet. Project Wooden, nicknamed Google Coach, is an AI-powered health and fitness coach for … [Read More...]

Jersey Joe Show: NYC Antisemitism; Midterm Emotions High

GUEST CO-HOST: Cindy Grosz: Publicist/Pro-Israel Activist; GUEST: Sean Spicer - Former WH Communications Director; NYC Antisemitism; Midterm Emotions High; NM Terror … [Read More...]

The Political Heat: The Left’s 2018 Midterm Agenda

Dan Adams breaks down the Dem's 2018 Midterm Agenda: … [Read More...]

#Winning: Trump Approval Rating back to 50%

According to Rasmussen, Tuesday's daily presidential tracking poll shows that 50 percent of Americans approve of Donald Trump's job performance. Media outlets rushed to discredit a social media photo that … [Read More...]

Numerous Instagram Users Report Their Accounts Hacked

Dozens of Instagram users have reported getting their accounts hacked over the past month. The victims have posted on Twitter and Reddit recounting how they are logged out of their Instagram accounts and having … [Read More...]

FBI Warns Financial Institutions of Worldwide ATM Heist

The Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) has issued a warning on an upcoming worldwide ATM heist. According to a report done by cybersecurity website KrebsonSecurity, the FBI forwarned banks last Friday in a … [Read More...]

MidTerm Election Analysis on Primary Tuesday

Julio Rivera of Reactionary Times recently joined The Joe Walsh Show on Newsmax to discuss the Upcoming Midterm Election as well as the 1st Amendment. … [Read More...]

Freedom On Deck: Barack’s Baggage Kills Kids

Freedom on Deck #130 looks into the policies of Barack Obama that lead to danger and death in our schools and communities. Matt Margolis, author of “The Worst President in History” and “The Scandalous … [Read More...]

Google Still Tracks Your Location With Location History Setting Off

According to a report done by the Associated Press, Google services tracks and records your movements despite setting the "Location History" feature off. While Google uses location data to improve its apps’ … [Read More...]

‘Wacky’ Omarosa Just Another Author Selling A Book

Just another Michael Wolff. Just another Fire and Fury.... Thrice fired Omarosa Manigault Newman, actually 4 times counting the White House, is just the latest former Trumper looking to monetize her … [Read More...]

FBI Agent and Former Member of Mueller Probe Fired for anti-Trump Texts

Texts cited in a 500-page report released in June by the Justice Department's inspector general led to the firing of FBI Agent Peter Strzok on Friday. The biased texts, included this text exchange between … [Read More...]

Man Involved in SIM Card Swapping Scheme Arrested in Florida

Florida police arrested a man involved in a hacking group that used hijacked SIM cards to steal over $400,000. The hackers would use social engineering techniques to convince phone carriers to register a … [Read More...]

Delusional Ex-Virginia Gov to CNN: Impeach Trump for ‘Bear Hugging’ Putin

In the neverending anti-Trump witch hunt, every couple of days a crazy charge against the President will surface. This time, one of the crazier "grounds for impeachment," was proposed by former Virginia … [Read More...]

Facebook Will Require Page Admins to Submit Additional Authorization

Facebook announced they would require further verification from administrators of popular Facebook pages in the United States. The move is done to ensure an unwanted third party does not run Facebook pages. The … [Read More...]