Trump Hopes ‘Insecure’ Oprah Runs in 2020

On Sunday, 60 Minutes contributor and multimedia mogul Oprah Winfrey ran a panel of 14 Michigan Republican, Democrat and Independent voters to talk … [Read More...]


Trump Hopes ‘Insecure’ Oprah Runs in 2020

On Sunday, 60 Minutes contributor and multimedia mogul Oprah Winfrey ran a panel of 14 Michigan Republican, Democrat and Independent voters to talk about President Trump's first year in office. Trump responded … [Read More...]

Indictment Clears Trump Campaign of Collusion with Russia

The prevailing storyline pushed for almost a year was that the Mueller investigation would at any moment drop an incriminating bombshell against the sitting president. Although some media outlets decried the … [Read More...]

Sessions may study Mental Health link to Mass Shootings

"It cannot be denied that something dangerous and unhealthy is happening in our country," Sessions told an assembly of Law Enforcement Officers in Washington. In "every one of these cases, we've had advance … [Read More...]

IRS Settlement Proves Agency Was Weaponized Against Conservatives

By Cindy Grosz Last week, after a seven year legal battle, a settlement proved that the IRS acted in poor faith and deliberate prejudice against a Jewish, Zionistic Conservative Group.   The lesson is here that … [Read More...]

Exclusive Q and A: Juanita Broaddrick Speaks to Reactionary Times

Interview by Cindy Grosz In 1999, Juanita Broaddrick alleged that United States President Bill Clinton raped her in April 1978 when she was 35 years old. Clinton was Arkansas's Attorney General. Clinton's … [Read More...]

An Important Message From Pamela Geller

By Cindy Grosz Pamela Geller has a very important message to share with Zionists, Jews, Christians and Pro Trump supporters facing victimization and violations to their First Amendment rights, FIGHT. On … [Read More...]

Is Tom Brady the #GOAT

8 Superbowls, 5 Rings, 3 NFL MVP Awards. As he enters Superbowl Sunday he has nothing left to prove. Where do you rank Tom Brady in not … [Read More...]

What Now? After Initial Resistance and Missteps, How Can Trump Make Year Two Better?

President Trump had a good, but not great first year in office. With the major victory of comprehensive tax reform fresh in American minds, many have forgotten the missteps and fumbles of his first hundred days … [Read More...]

The Oscar Nomination Announcements Were A Win for #MAGA

By Cindy Grosz Did anyone watch the announcement of the 90th Academy Award nominations early Tuesday morning? Was that an official ceremony or a bad skit on Saturday Night Live? The announcers, Tiffany … [Read More...]

Embassy Move and Rubashkin Release Headline a Great Year for Trump On Jewish Issues

By Cindy Grosz Happy Anniversary President Trump!! Tradition states that celebrating a first anniversary one is tied to paper.  As we come to the end of your honeymoon year, we can not overlook all the paper … [Read More...]

And They Call Trump A Racist?

By: Cindy Grosz You turn on the television, check your social media or listen to a podcast.  Opinion journalists are   name calling, and the world gets an impression of Americans angry and confused. Funny … [Read More...]

Trump Derangement Syndrome Level 11: Corey Booker

Senator Corey Booker (D-NJ) went on a temper tantrum worthy of a time out on Tuesday as he criticized Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, saying she lied under … [Read More...]

Sticks and Stones: Would you prefer BLUNT TRUTH or Polite Lies

The questions still remain. Did Trump say it? Does it matter? Are the beneficiaries of the potentially manufactured backlash hypocrites? Media outlets and celebrities have weighed in on the quote ne'er heard … [Read More...]

Does Faith Matter Anymore In America?

Special to Reactionary Times By: Lea Carawan, M. A. Does faith matter anymore in America? Should it? That probably depends on who you ask, but what is becoming increasingly evident is a growing hostility among … [Read More...]

Is Oprah a Threat? New Poll Favors Winfrey Over Trump

In a hypothetical presidential head-to-head match-up, Oprah Winfrey would defeat President Donald Trump by 10 points according to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey of likely voters. This has to be a … [Read More...]

Trump Needs To Fix Public Education Mess Liberals Created

It's Time To Close The Department of Education, End Common Core and Stay With The Trump Agenda By Cindy Grosz Now that tax reform and a temporary budget is passed in Congress, President Trump, Secretary of … [Read More...]

Bannon Releases Statement/Looks To Make Amends

Steve Bannon, currently caught up in a firestorm of controversy, attempted to set the record straight on his positions as they relate to the first family on Sunday. Bannon provided Axios with a statement that … [Read More...]

Newsmax’s Ruddy to CNN: Wolff’s Claims are ‘Trash’ and Calls Out Liberal Media Newsmax CEO and friend of President Trump, Chris Ruddy appeared on CNN's "New Day" program and contradicted claims from "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" … [Read More...]

Weissman: A Tale of 2 Feminists

Crazy week in the Middle East since President Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. His command leadership's influence is being spread out through the world, in all places including Iran. for … [Read More...]

#ButtonGate: Media Wrong On Trump’s NoKo Strategy

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders corrected the hateful, anti-Trump media Wednesday that has at times implied that the President was "taunting" the unhinged dictator of North Korea. Trump is … [Read More...]