4/20 Should Be Day of Remembrance, NOT Exploitation

The planned national student walkout is perhaps the worst example of political opportunism and shamelessness in recent American … [Read More...]


4/20 Should Be Day of Remembrance, NOT Exploitation

The planned national student walkout is perhaps the worst example of political opportunism and shamelessness in recent American history. David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez … [Read More...]

‘Disgraced, Disgruntled, Discredited’ Lyin’ Comey

As the Jimmy Comey "Book Tour" kicked into full swing, the Whitehouse began to mount a defense for the slanderous claims being put forth by the former Director of the FBI in his new … [Read More...]

Diplomatic Tit for Tat Has Global Implications

Scrambled communications between air-traffic controllers and pilots. Commercial and military aircraft falling from the sky. Was it connected to Russia or North Korea? Was a response to the removal of Russian … [Read More...]

Systematic Bullying From the Left has Created a 2-Front War

The radical Left is set to make a big push towards their goal of major gun restrictions in the next few weeks as a massive national student walkout is being planned for April 20th. This manufactured hysteria, … [Read More...]

Trump: Raid is ‘Witch Hunt’

President Trump characterized the raid on the office and hotel room of his personal lawyer Michael Cohen as a "disgraceful situation" and an "attack on our country." "It's a total witch-hunt," The President … [Read More...]

Have You Been Violated? Facebook to Inform Users Today

Zuckerberg is dumping stock. With the "Biggest Rat" already showing his desire to "jump off the ship" Facebook users will find out if their personal profile data has been swept up in the Cambridge Analytica … [Read More...]

More Than Half: Trump Presidential Approval Ratings Eclipse Obama

According to a new poll, fifty-one percent or more than half of likely voters approve of President Donald Trump's job performance, while 48 percent disapprove, a new Rasmussen Reports  presidential tracking … [Read More...]

Answer to Immigration Conundrum Tucked Away in History

Criticism of the president has come fast and furious since last week, when Trump initially made his thoughts on the caravans of illegals currently invading America. The left has consistently hammered the … [Read More...]

Which Cryptocurrency will survive longterm?

With an emerging digital currency market developing in front of investors looking to hedge against the high volatility of the foreign exchange market, the need to examine the “economic fundamentals” of current … [Read More...]

Trump Against The World

It pains me to write this. I have many cynical friends who have always ragged on me for caring so much about politics and elections. They would watch a clip of me I emailed them, or read something I sent them … [Read More...]

Spectre and Meltdown Can Potentially Shutdown the WORLD

The headlines are still dominated by talk of Russia purportedly hacking our last presidential election and critical infrastructure and energy networks. Multiple incidents of cyber attacks on electrical grids in … [Read More...]

Will Roseanne Reboot Affect Media’s anti-Trump Stance?

People who have followed my career as a political writer know I was initially against Trump and supported and worked on the Cruz campaign during the primary. This was due strictly to the fact that Cruz had a … [Read More...]

Shock Video: ‘Punk Ass’ Cuomo Attacked

Madness erupted at an press conference being held by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo in Albany on Wednesday as one of the Governor's unsatisfied constituents started cursing and even took a swing at him before being … [Read More...]

BREAKING: 60 Russian Diplomats Expelled

The Seattle, Washington Russian Consulate has been ordered closed by the Trump Administration. The consulate is in close proximity to a US Navy Submarine Base and a Boeing aircraft factory. This is the latest … [Read More...]

Who Exits Next? Insight From a Trump Insider

Lost in all the hoopla of the "Black Friday" omnibus disaster is the fact that the Trump White House has proactively attempted to improve the cabinet and upper level leadership over the past week or so. Mike … [Read More...]

Another Big Government Disaster

The latest threat to America has surfaced and it isn't Russian or North Korean. It is Domestic. It is yet another example of how Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have failed the GOP voter, and up to President … [Read More...]

Trump Quotes Liberal in Attacking Mueller Probe

Another day, another well earned criticism of the Mueller Probe by President Donald Trump via twitter, as he slammed special counsel Robert Mueller again early … [Read More...]

Trump Has No Plans to Fire Mueller

Lying James Comey, the Mueller team and others were on the wrong end of a Donald Trump tweet storm yesterday that set social media on … [Read More...]

Iran Nuclear Deal Should R’Exit’ Next

Rex Tillerson, like many early appointments in the Trump Administration can no longer call the President their boss. After months of speculation that Tillerson and his strategic disagreements with the President … [Read More...]

Trump Goes to California

Donald Trump took a long time to make his way to the Sunshine State. Could you really blame him? The President was expected to be met with legions of protesters but several reports indicate that the response … [Read More...]