Protect Your Work From Internet Piracy

Nowadays, online piracy is on the rise. As a result of this, the publishers and copyright owners have been highly concerned. There is no doubt in the … [Read More...]


Protect Your Work From Internet Piracy

Nowadays, online piracy is on the rise. As a result of this, the publishers and copyright owners have been highly concerned. There is no doubt in the fact that there is a lot of loss that copyright owners and … [Read More...]

Tired of Windows and macOS? Try Linux Operating System

Linux is an operating system that is an open source platform. It can be freely distributed and operates on cross-platforms, which can be installed on netbooks, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and PCs. A number … [Read More...]

The Dark Web Explained

The dark web refers to the part of the internet that does not get indexed by the search engines. It is a small part of the deep web. The deep web is a bigger layer and the dark web is its subset. However, often … [Read More...]

A Brief History of Journalists Under Fire

There are a number of journalists that have been targeted by governments in the past. This primarily happens when the influential journalists go out of their way to report the truth. If we considered the number … [Read More...]

Should Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Face Criminal Charges?

Once upon a time a technology aide who worked at the U.S. House of Representatives got arrested at an airport in Washington. The technology aide worked for Democrats and was planning to leave for Pakistan from … [Read More...]

What Would Happen if the Internet Disappeared Tomorrow?

Have you ever wondered that what would happen if the internet disappeared tomorrow? Do you think that we will get bothered? If at all? Well, the truth is that yes, in case the internet disappears, even for a … [Read More...]

Should you Learn Programming?

According to Steve Jobs, everyone should know a little bit of programming primarily because programming teaches people how to think. First of all, computer programming is a very flexible thing because it … [Read More...]

Top 5 IT Careers

Are you trying to figure out which IT career path would be the best for you? In this case, you will have to look at the jobs that are the highest in demand. These jobs tend to pay more than the average, in case … [Read More...]

Kavanaugh Vs Kennedy: How Much Has the Supreme Court Really Changed

Following a summer of controversy, Brett Kavanaugh has replaced Anthony Kennedy in the Supreme Court. Since the year 2005, Anthony Kennedy was known the moderate swing vote in the court. As a result of the … [Read More...]

How Did HurricanerrMichael Compare to Other Recent Hurricanes

According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, the year 2018 is the worst as far as Hurricanes go.. This is because based on forecasts, there was a 70% chance that about 10-16 named storms … [Read More...]

Which Video Game Console Should You get Your Children This Holidays?

There would be no child on earth who is not fascinated by video games. Not only children, however, plenty of adults have started loving video games due to the fact that they have matured a lot of over the last … [Read More...]

Freedom On Deck: Can America Find “Common Ground?”

Freedom on Deck #143: The Big Standoff at the border - and in Congress. Our bets are on America First and President Trump! Special guests include Director of S.A.V.E. Trent Cromartie, author of “Blood in the … [Read More...]

The 5 Most Expensive States to Live In

In the United States of America, there are a number of states in which you will get charged a premium on simple things such as the bill on your fuel, or your food bills. Considering the expenses that may be out … [Read More...]

How Social Media Affects Your Mental Health

With the rise of the social media, everyone is more connected to each other than ever in the history of the world. However, studies have shown that the more one relies on social media to get through the day, … [Read More...]

How Social Media Changed the Way we do Politics

There is a big role that social media has played in the way governments and politicians do politics. In fact, it has changed the entire face of politics if we may assert. Most of the credits for this goes to … [Read More...]

How Destructive is Cyber Warfare?

Throughout the course of human civilization, different types of technology have appeared that possess capabilities of causing great destruction. Whether we refer to swords and blades, or the gunpowder which was … [Read More...]

Is Tiger Woods Really Back?

This weekend's pay-per-view event which pits Tiger Woods verses Phil Mickelson will be a historic event, even if it is occuring 15 years after it should have. But based on the recent performances of Tiger, this … [Read More...]

Five Ways Cloud Computing Can Benefit Your Business

In simple words, cloud computing refers to delivering services that are related to computing. These services may include networking, analytics, intelligence, software, database, servers, storage, and a lot more … [Read More...]

Exoskeletons the Future of Military Combat Troops

An exoskeleton technology is being tested by the army which makes use of artificial intelligence technology in order to replicate the walk patterns of individuals, and to provide the additional torque, … [Read More...]

Electronic Cigarettes a Viable Substitute for Smoking Tobacco?

Cigarettes are very bad for one’s health. There is plenty of information that will back this fact up. We all know that smoking causes various types of cancer, and can also lead to infections and breathing … [Read More...]