Freedom On Deck: Mock The Mob

Freedom on Deck #138 ridicule the Democrat mob and discuss ways of dealing with them before…and after the midterm elections. Karen Straughan and Josh … [Read More...]


Freedom On Deck: Mock The Mob

Freedom on Deck #138 ridicule the Democrat mob and discuss ways of dealing with them before…and after the midterm elections. Karen Straughan and Josh & Nicole Landers stop by to discuss justice for men, … [Read More...]

Freedom on Deck: Mob vs Patriots

Freedom on Deck’s “Mob vs. Patriots”, that’s what we’re talking about today. Don’t miss this one! Our live shows can be heard every Sunday from 3 to 5 PM … [Read More...]

Freedom On Deck: Celebrate Good Times!

F.O.D. #137 celebrates the 114th Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh! Meanwhile, the Democrats have slit their own throats in their attempts to destroy an innocent man. Their coup attempt against our … [Read More...]

Trump: Saudi Arabia to Receive “Severe Punishment” if Journalist was Killed

In a Saturday interview with CBS, President Trump vowed "severe punishment" against Saudi Arabia if it is discovered that Saudi journalist and Washington Post Contributor Jamal Khashoggi was murdered at the … [Read More...]

President Trump Will Make Rod Rosenstein An Ally

By Michael Busler, Ph. D. On April 25, 2017, Rod Rosenstein was confirmed by the Senate to be Deputy Attorney General. At the time Rosenstein, a Republican, was the nation’s longest serving US attorney … [Read More...]

New Details Show the Extent of Data Accessed During Facebook Breach

The Facebook hack saga continues as the social media company brings to light new details regarding the breach. Earlier this month, Facebook suffered a data breach due to a bug in its “View As” feature which was … [Read More...]

Hurricane Michael Wrecks Havoc Across Florida and Eastern States

Hurricane Michael has left a trail of devastation in Florida’s Panhandle section leaving roads, houses, businesses, and public spaces in shambles. At its peak, Hurricane Michael reached category 4 status and is … [Read More...]

California Election Integrity In Question

Issues involving almost 25,000 voter registrations in the state of California have surfaced in the past several weeks. In one case, the DMV said about 1,500 people may have been incorrectly registered between … [Read More...]

Chinese Manufacture’s IP Cameras and DVRs Vulnerable to Third Party Access

Security researchers discovered vulnerabilities in  IP cameras and DVRs manufactured by Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co., LTD  that would allow bad actors to gain remote access. This would grant hackers to gain … [Read More...]

Google to Shut Down Google+ Following Data Exposure of 500,000 Users

Back in March, Google spotted a bug that exposed the personal data of 500,000 users of its social network Google+. The issue has been ongoing since 2015 until its discovery this year. According to a blog post … [Read More...]

Are You Being Spied On?

The seeds for much of the technology continuing to advance to the mass production stage were sown in the 1980s. When the pop artists Rockwell … [Read More...]

Amazon Faces Outrage From Senior Employees Over $15 Minimum Wage Increase

Amazon has been a company that has been criticized for the treatment of its workers in fulfillment centers. In a show of progressiveness and care for their workforce, Amazon raised its minimum wage $15. … [Read More...]

Don’t Believe this Facebook Hoax

A Facebook hacking hoax has been circulating in the social media platform with the premise that someone is impersonating you and friend requesting your friends. According to reports, a message has been … [Read More...]

Has China Gone Too Far?

Earlier this year, the United States Trade Representative completed a seven-month long investigation into China's intellectual property theft and found that "Chinese theft of American Intellectual Property … [Read More...]

With Republican Help, Feinstein gets another BIG Catholic Scalp: Judge Brett Kavanaugh

By Chris Salcedo Americans watched in horror as leaked, uncorroborated and baseless accusations of sexual misconduct from high school accusations that should have been addressed privately were aired in full … [Read More...]

Chinese Spy Chips Discovered Attached to Hardware of Major Server Supplier

A report done by Bloomberg has uncovered Chinese spy chips attached to server motherboards produced by American IT company Super Micro. The chips were designed by a Chinese military unit for the purpose of … [Read More...]

Kavanaugh Probe Completed: Senators To View Findings Tomorrow Morning

According to multiple reports, the FBI investigation into Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been completed. The findings of the probe are to released to Senators tomorrow morning, in advance of any … [Read More...]

Freedom On Deck: Constitutional Republic or the Mob Rules?

F.O.D. #136 discusses the epic battle we’re fighting against the mad, unconstitutional “guilty until proven innocent” Democrats. Dr. Michael Busler and author Frank Miniter stop … [Read More...]

North Korea Believed to Have Up to 60 Nukes

According to a South Korean official, North Korea is estimated to have up to 60 nuclear weapons. This was the first statement from Seoul regarding estimates on NoKo's secret weapons … [Read More...]

Massive Facebook Hack Affects 50 Million User Accounts

Facebook has suffered a massive security breach that resulted in 50 million accounts being compromised. Hackers took advantages of bugs in Facebook’s "View As" feature and the platform’s video uploader to gain … [Read More...]