Can Cohen’s Plea Really Derail The Trump Train?

With the conviction of Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer and fixer, the President is now ‘formally’ implicated in a criminal conspiracy. Trump has already … [Read More...]


Evernote Lays Off 15 Percent of its Workforce in Company Overhaul

The company behind the popular note-taking and archiving app Evernote has just laid off 54 employees from its workforce. The layoffs are the most recent occurrence that highlight the struggles Evernote has been … [Read More...]

YouTube Gaming Will be Integrated Into Main YouTube Site

YouTube has announced the incorporation of their gaming app, YouTube Gaming, with their main site. According to Google, the move is made to make it easier for content creators to use the platforms without … [Read More...]

How Can New Technologies in Sports Medicine Help Regular Americans

What are the top new technologies in sports medicine and how can they help regular Americans? There are a lot of great, exciting, and fascinating new technology that is coming out. These new pieces of … [Read More...]

Can Cohen’s Plea Really Derail The Trump Train?

With the conviction of Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer and fixer, the President is now ‘formally’ implicated in a criminal conspiracy. Trump has already spent much effort in portraying Mueller’s investigation as a … [Read More...]

Twitter Will Bring Back Chronological Timeline

Twitter has announced they will bring back chronological timeline feed. Instead of showing the best tweets firsts, the platform is now giving you the option to see tweets in chronological order. Users will be … [Read More...]

New Details Revealed About Google’s Project Dragonfly

On August 1st, the beans were spilled about Google’s development of a censored search engine app for China. The project, code-named Dragonfly, has drawn heavy criticism from both Google employees and human … [Read More...]

Reporter Faces the Internet’s Criticism Over Dramatic Hurricane Florence Coverage

The Weather Channel has been getting flak from the internet over a reporters “dramatic” coverage of hurricane Florence. The reporter is shown on the video struggling against an intense gust of winds from the … [Read More...]

Apple Watch 4 Features an Accurate ECG Sensor

On the Wednesday event at the Steve Jobs Theater in California, Apple unveiled three new variants of its iPhone X. However, what really turned heads during the event was the new Apple Watch 4. This new … [Read More...]

Is The Democratic Messaging Too Reliant on Identity Politics?

Instead of rallying for national unity and equal opportunity for all, it seems as though we are heading from inclusion into division. In the past, the Democratic and Republican parties both attracted … [Read More...]

Is a Military Parade an Unnecessary Luxury?

According to the Pentagon, US President Donald Trump has been requesting a military parade. With the last US Military Parade being the 1991 victory in the Gulf War, the opinions of the public and military … [Read More...]

How Would Socialist Policies Hurt America?

Millennials seem to like recent candidate for congress Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her socialist policies. There are several reasons for this and there are also reasons why socialism will ultimately fail. Why … [Read More...]

Inbox by Google will Get Discontinued in March

Google announced that it would discontinue its Inbox by Gmail app by March 2019. The app has long been a test bed of the company to try new features that would eventually make their way to Gmail. Many users of … [Read More...]

Microsoft Adds Another Step to Goad Users to Stay With its Edge Browser

Microsoft has tried to convince users for the longest time to use their web browser, Edge, instead of competing ones like Firefox and Google Chrome. Now they took it a step further by displaying a pop-up … [Read More...]

Useful Apps To Ride Out Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence has developed into a category four hurricane and is expected to reach the U.S. east coast by Thursday. So far the states that will face the brunt of the storm include North Carolina, South … [Read More...]

How Are Streaming Platforms Making People Cancel Cable Subscriptions

Every year, millions of cable customers are promised package deals with more channels featuring the television shows and moviesthey love. Years of unsatisfied customers, who felt they have been lied to … [Read More...]

How Social Media Affects Your Mental Health

Social media can be good way to stay in contact with your friends and stay up-to-date on their lives. However, there is a drawback to constantly checking your social media account such as, Instagram, Facebook, … [Read More...]

Apple Plans to Release a More Affordable iPhone and Laptop

Apple has become synonymous with the word expensive when it comes to its products. Well to the people's surprise and pleasure, Apple plans to unveil a more affordable version of its iPhone and Laptop. At a … [Read More...]

Snap Stock Fall as Chief Strategy Officer Imran Khan Leaves the Fold

Social Media company Snap will soon see the departure of another of its top-level executives. Imran Khan, Snap’s Chief Strategy Officer(CSO), will leave the company to create an Investment firm in Los Angeles. … [Read More...]

Freedom On Deck: From Kaepernick to Kavanaugh

F.O.D.’s midweek podcast finds Chet a CV venting over the spineless Republicans and the lawlessness and desperation of the far, far left, including Kaepernick, Nike, Twitter and Facebook. Our live shows can be … [Read More...]

Regarding the Surging Economy, Hey Obama, YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT!

Donald Trump has had a magical run as President. The President's magic wand has rejuvenated a economy that spent a decade in the doldrums of first Bush policy and then Obamanomics. Donald Trump is obviously … [Read More...]