Google Still Tracks Your Location With Location History Setting Off

According to a report done by the Associated Press, Google services tracks and records your movements despite setting the "Location History" feature … [Read more...]

Man Involved in SIM Card Swapping Scheme Arrested in Florida

Florida police arrested a man involved in a hacking group that used hijacked SIM cards to steal over $400,000. The hackers would use social … [Read more...]

Delusional Ex-Virginia Gov to CNN: Impeach Trump for ‘Bear Hugging’ Putin

In the neverending anti-Trump witch hunt, every couple of days a crazy charge against the President will surface. This time, one of the crazier … [Read more...]

Facebook Will Require Page Admins to Submit Additional Authorization

Facebook announced they would require further verification from administrators of popular Facebook pages in the United States. The move is done to … [Read more...]

Overstock Secures $375 Million Dollar Investment for its Blockchain Development.

Online retailer Overstock saw more than a 17% increase on its stocks after Hong Kong-based private equity firm GSR Capital pledged to invest over $375 … [Read more...]

Surge of People Seeking Plastic Surgery to Look Like Their Snapchat Selfies

A new phenomenon has created a surge of clients for the plastic surgery industry. Medical professionals have seen an increase in patients who wish to … [Read more...]

Freedom On Deck: Start a Fight, We’ll Finish It!

Freedom on Deck's midweek short discusses the results of Tuesday’s primaries, the left’s unfair tactics, social media’s bias against conservatives, … [Read more...]

Magic Leap Releases Augmented Reality System

Augmented reality company Magic Leap has finally released to the public its first iteration of their AR headsets. The AR headset, dubbed The Magic … [Read more...]

Are We Ready for a Future With Artificial Intelligence?

Judgment day is near! Well, it might not be like the judgement day we see in the Terminator movies, where exoskeletons and liquid metal cyborgs hunt … [Read more...]

Black Hat USA 2018 Highlights

The yearly cybersecurity conference Black Hat Briefings kicked off Wednesday morning in Las Vegas. The conference is a gathering point for information … [Read more...]