Ban on 3D Gun Blueprints Extended

On Monday, US District Judge Robert Lansik extended the ban on the online distribution of 3-D printed gun blueprints. Democratic-led, gun grabber … [Read more...]

Chicago Violence This Weekend

Chicago continues to be one of the most dangerous places in America. Despite the very strict gun laws in effect, six people were killed in shootings … [Read more...]

Dana Loesch Talks to Reactionary Times

NRA Spokesperson, NRA TV Host, Best Selling Author and Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host Dana Loesch joined Reactionary Times Editorial Director at … [Read more...]

4/20 Should Be Day of Remembrance, NOT Exploitation

The planned national student walkout is perhaps the worst example of political opportunism and shamelessness in recent American … [Read more...]

Systematic Bullying From the Left has Created a 2-Front War

The radical Left is set to make a big push towards their goal of major gun restrictions in the next few weeks as a massive national student walkout is … [Read more...]

I stand with Dana Loesch and the NRA

A tragedy happened in Las Vegas last night. An evil gunman, murdered 58 people and wounded over 520 people who were attending a concert. The … [Read more...]