julio-riveraJulio Rivera (“Conservarican”) – Editorial Director,

Julio Rivera is a small business consultant, political activist, and Editorial Director for the Reactionary Times. He is also the host of the Reactionary Radio and TV shows. A self-described “reformed Democrat,” he became a staunch supporter of conservative policy and politicians in response to the lawlessness and fiscal irresponsibility of the Obama administration. In the private sector, he founded J & MYR Consulting while his involvement in the political world most recently had him serving as the Warren County, NJ, Chairman for Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign as well as participating in the effort in several other states. His writings have been featured on, and his Austere Constructionist Blog on He is seen regularly on Newsmax TV and RT America and heard on many nationally syndicated conservative talk shows, where his political opinions and humorous take on the state of the nation are highly sought after. He is a full-time single parent and small business advocate concerned by the excessive regulatory and taxation climate the country’s businesses currently face.


david-weissmanDavid Weissman – Contributor,

David Weissman originally from Queens, NY.  Joined the U.S. Army and served for over 13 years with two Afghanistan deployments. Made the Jewish right of return with wife and 3 daughters, currently living in Jerusalem after living in Israel for over 3 years.




tari-cooperTari Cooper – Contributor,

Tari Cooper is a mom of four who was blissfully unaware that checks and balances were not actually checking and balancing. She was awakened in the early years of Obama’s reign (oops, presidency). Her “trigger” was the irrational and visceral hatred of a plain-spoken hockey mom/governor. Tari lives the mantra, “What has been seen, cannot be unseen.” While mostly staying home to raise her kids, she has worked in hotel reception, retail, and fashion photography. She has yet to launch a second career (first career was computer programming) because her heart belongs to preserving American freedom for her children and as-yet-unborn grandchildren.  She has been an active participant in Red Nation Rising since it started with one tweet in November 2012.


xander-gibbXander Gibb – Contributor,

Xander Gibb, The Host of #XRAD, Broadcaster, Writer, Actor, Singer Comedian, with an honest unapologetic response to the world around him. Join him on his daily Radio show and weekly TV Show. Buy his Debut Novel “The boy from beyond The Ice House.”



andrea-kayeAndrea Kaye – Contributor,

Andrea Kaye is currently Host of Nationally Syndicated “The Andrea Kaye Show” which broadcasts on Tuesdays at 6 PM PT on Salem Media Group AM 1170 The Answer in San Diego, SHR Media, and WRNR Radio Networks. Listen live at  Podcasts can be found at

Known as “Dynamite in a Dress”, Andrea Kaye discusses all of today’s hot topics, from politics to entertainment to the boardroom in her unique, southern, sassy style.

That unique style, and dedicated listenership, attracts top industry guests:  Sebastian Gorka (Deputy Assistant, President Trump), Frank Gaffney (Deputy Assistant Secretary of  Defense, President Reagan), Matt Boyle (Editor Breitbart), Best Selling authors;  David Horowitz, Monica Crowley, Andrea Tantaros, Dr Keith Ablow,  Congressman Darrell Issa, Brigitte Gabriel (ACT For America), and more.


Robert D. Arco – Contributor,

Robert was born and raised in NY where he lived and worked for 47 years. Robert was an IT specialist (systems, applications, etc.) for 20 years working at several Fortune 500 companies including the banking and brokerage sector.  He moved into the Risk and Compliance space in 1998 and in 2007 made the move to Washington State to work for Microsoft.

For the past 5 years Robert has been a political activist beginning with the second amendment, supporting veteran issues and moving into the political arena at all levels. This included various political commentary, organizing rallies nationwide, co-hosting a patriot radio show and in 2015 became part of the Ted Cuz campaign. Robert has fought for conservative principles and adherence to the constitution. When Donald Trump won the nomination, Robert put country first and pulled with the people to ensure he was elected (and no, he has never met any Russians).

Robert is married to a wonderful woman and they have three children. One is a lawyer in DC, another is ex-Navy, and the 3rd is an environmentalist. They have three great dogs and my hobbies change from year to year but the most recent has been restoring vintage turntables (vinyl rules), gunsmithing, and working on DIY auto repair.


Leslie Brown – Contributor,

Leslie Brown is a sassy red-headed West Texan married to a Marine who loves God and country. She is a former teacher, and blogged for both, and She likes to shoot, hunt, fish and also to annoy feminists wherever she finds them. -Author:





Joe Gooding – Contributor,

Joe enjoys writing on individual liberties, law, vaccine mandates, and the Constitution. He also oppose strict government mandates, and is considered to be politically conservative and socially libertarian. A Conservatarian.

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