Satire: Obama Puts Trump To Sleep

Is Barack Obama the new Ambien? Our energetic current President, Donald J Trump, is known for his work marathons that continue into the early morning … [Read more...]

There is a Traitor in the White House!

We've seen a lot of crazy things happen in the last year and a half plus. We've seen Steve Bannon run his big sloppy mouth to enemy propagandists … [Read more...]

Traitor: US Serviceman Pleads Guilty to Helping Islamic State

Lawyers for Sgt. 1st Class Ikaika Kang told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Kang will plead guilty to providing material aid to terrorists. Kang … [Read more...]

Apple Takes Down Over 25000 Illegal Gambling Apps from China App Store

Apple has begun cracking down on illegal gambling apps in China’s App Store. Gambling in China is illegal except for Hong Kong and Macau.  Apple began … [Read more...]

Trump/Brennan Feud Heating Up

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Will Pixel 3 be Google’s best phone ever?

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Suicidal Plane Jacker Believed to be Dead

A hijacked Alaska Airlines Horizon Air turboprop plane took off from Sea-Tac International Airport and crashed into a small island in the Puget Sound … [Read more...]

Space Force: The Final Frontier

In a pentagon meeting including the countries highest ranking military members and support staff, Vice President Mike Pence announced plans for a new, … [Read more...]

Building “The Bridge” Touring Israel and Strengthening Activism

By Cindy Grosz: What happens when people from multiple religious, political, economic and social take a trip to Israel together? When the adventure … [Read more...]

Bibi Praises Trump Over Iran Tweet

American ally, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel is praising President Donald Trump for what he called his "strong stance" on potential … [Read more...]