Charlottesville Mayor Signer Complicit in Murder Case

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Rivera: Issue International Arrest Warrant For Soros if Involved in Charlottesville

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Charlottesville Was A Liberal’s Wet Dream

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Weissman: We Must Stand with Netanyahu and Reject #FakeNews

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Manafort Raided after Voluntary Cooperation Former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort's Suburban Virginia Home was raided by FBI Agents … [Read more...]

A Coup That Didn’t Materialize?

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A Year Ago, I Renounced The #NeverTrump Movement

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“Op-Ed” from a “Kitchen Table Patriot”

  From the files of the Kitchen Table Patriot “The time is always right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King Jr. There are two paths in this life; … [Read more...]

The SnowFlake Stanzas: The Continuing Legacy of Liberal Lunacy

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