#FreeKristianSaucier: A Call For Justice

Kathleen and Sadie Saucier, the mother and wife, respectively, of imprisoned former United States Navy Machinist Mate Petty Officer 1st Class Kristian … [Read more...]

Media: From “watchdogs” to “lapdogs”

There was a time when the media was a sentinel for the American people, not simply a public relations "arm" for a liberal administration.  The solid … [Read more...]

Message from American Jew in Israel to Alt Right: “Grow up!”

For those who are part of the Alt. right group, I am not talking about the ones who simply disagree with POTUS Trump, I am talking about the ones who … [Read more...]

Two States, Two different outlooks

Texas Vs. California: How will our State “Laboratories” innovate under Trump? It seems over the past 8 years of Barack Obama’s presidency that we … [Read more...]

Ted Koppel; You are wrong, Sean Hannity is good for America and here is why.

In a CBS 'Sunday Morning' segment, Ted Koppel, an experience news journalist said that he thought Fox News commentator Sean Hannity is bad for … [Read more...]

We Need A Hero: Who will emerge in the Senate to save us from Obamacare light?

The healthcare debate is truly the most important policy issue on the table now. It directly affects every American across all demographics. The … [Read more...]

The Connecticut Quandry

The Constitution State has turned into another over-regulated liberal disaster. What once was fertile ground for the free market to prosper has turned … [Read more...]

Land of the free, home of the brave.

Dear America Much has changed in our land in such a very short time and I appreciate that many are concerned with how quickly these changes are … [Read more...]

Milo: Misunderstood or Miscreant

Much has been said regarding the Milo Yiannopoulos controversy the past few days. If you have been living under a rock you may have missed the video … [Read more...]

Fake News is a real Phenomenon: Trump Tears into Media and Says What We’re All Thinking

Donald Trump absolutely lit up the media in a way never seen in the history of presidential politics on Thursday. Speaking in the frank, unapologetic … [Read more...]