‘Wacky’ Omarosa Just Another Author Selling A Book

Just another Michael Wolff. Just another Fire and Fury.... Thrice fired Omarosa Manigault Newman, actually 4 times counting the White House, is just … [Read more...]

Surge of People Seeking Plastic Surgery to Look Like Their Snapchat Selfies

A new phenomenon has created a surge of clients for the plastic surgery industry. Medical professionals have seen an increase in patients who wish to … [Read more...]

Space Force: The Final Frontier

In a pentagon meeting including the countries highest ranking military members and support staff, Vice President Mike Pence announced plans for a new, … [Read more...]

Magic Leap Releases Augmented Reality System

Augmented reality company Magic Leap has finally released to the public its first iteration of their AR headsets. The AR headset, dubbed The Magic … [Read more...]

Trump Derangement Syndrome and the LAW: 3 Years for Defacing Hollywood Star

There has been no shortage of phony outrage in opposition to Trump since he declared his intention to run for President. Much of the opposition has … [Read more...]

HELLFIRE! Kane Wins Mayoral Seat!!!

I could just hear Good ol' JR screaming "OH GOD!" as the final ballots were tabulated. Glenn Jacobs, the wrestler known as Kane, is the new mayor … [Read more...]

Candidate Profile: Kimberlin Brown Pelzer

By Cindy Grosz: California Seat District 36 Like many of you, I became a fan of Kimberlin Brown years ago, when she started portraying the legendary … [Read more...]

Trump/Acosta Rift Displays Value of 1st Amendment

It was the chant heard around the world. "CNN SUCKS! CNN SUCKS!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2jj-3u1DTQ CNN is reaping what they sowed as a … [Read more...]

A Taste of Israel: Greisman Headlines American Cooking Show

By Cindy Grosz: I am fascinated how many of my non-Jewish followers are interested in the flavors and foods of Jewish and Israeli cuisine. Many of my … [Read more...]

The Jersey Joe Show/Camp Constitution

  GUEST CO-HOST: Julio Rivera - Newsmax Columnist ​GUEST: Hal Shurtleff - Director, www.campconstitution.net; ​PDT Trumpets Economy; Dem Radical … [Read more...]