The Fantastic Four Shun Single Payer Healthcare

The best we got. Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT), Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) all called for a dialogue on Healthcare reform … [Read more...]

The Thought Police’s Bullying via Mainstream Media is Tantamount to Modern Segregation

Most Americans are aware of the days of segregation, and accompanying separate seating, entrances and water-fountains for blacks.  It's over, … [Read more...]

Georgia Congressional Race Grips American Politics

The most expensive Congressional race in history climaxes today in the 6th District of the Peach State as Georgians come out to vote in another … [Read more...]

Liberalism Makes Women Ugly

A picture can say a thousand words;  Youtube a helluva lot more.  Less than four years ago she was a classic beauty; celestial nose, long flowing … [Read more...]

The Grown-Ups Are Back in Charge

The United States went all “varsity” by dropping a “MOAB” or "mother of all bombs" on what Obama referred to as the “J.V. team”.  Yes, the adults are … [Read more...]

Time to Fight Back: Caesar Protests Sound The Horn

The Left has continued the demonization of a Trump Administration still in its infancy since November 10th of last year. From FemiNazi's and many Gay … [Read more...]

Is this still America??

Ever wake up and wonder were you are? Have to scratch you head at the Bizzaro-burgh that you are living in right now? Right is wrong and black is … [Read more...]

Now Kushner is Focus of Russian Collusion Probe as Team Trump Condemns Leaks

Trump administration members and allies are railing against the barrage of leaks coming out surrounding the probe into possible collusion between the … [Read more...]

Brutal North Korean Government Continues Human Rights Abuses with Warmbier

Otto Warmbier was returned to America this week in a coma. He was held for 17 months after removing a political poster from a hotel as a keepsake of … [Read more...]

Are We Becoming an Orwellian Police State?

Mass data collection by the US Government was exposed years ago through the heroic whistle blowing efforts of American Fugitive Edward Snowden. Ever … [Read more...]