A Watermark of “Authenticity” Part 3

The Following is based on the Personal Experience of the Writer. Summer of 2014 was the last time we saw, or heard from my husband's daughter.  Bear … [Read more...]

“Free Speech” now “captcha’d”?

It's hard to believe I live in the United States sometimes.  I've been censored NUMEROUS times, thrown in F.B. jail and had three Twitter accounts … [Read more...]

A Watermark of “Authenticity?” Part 2

While simultaneously going "up the chain of command" of Watermark Dallas only to find no accountability for staff lies to both a child and the … [Read more...]

A Watermark of “Authenticity”?

What if you lost a child to a cult? What if that was your only child? What if the cult's leader had a "litter" of six at home in his mansion, and … [Read more...]

LBJ… Causing Destruction. Still.

The Hart-Cellar Immigration Act of 1965 passed by uncouth man-ho LBJ, was seen as an extension of the "Civil Rights" movement.  It also became a … [Read more...]

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including corruption

I have no legal training whatsoever, but I have no problem calling my own state what it is; a corrupt C.F.   I'm "untouchable" legally, because I'm … [Read more...]

“Parental Alienation” Who brainwashes children? Sadly, some parents do.

My little brother grew up having a ball with a cousin in the 70's and 80's during the hey-day of "video cameras", making fake commercials a'la … [Read more...]

American Mainstream Media: Whores That Don’t Perform

From The Files of the Kitchen Table Patriot: "The difference between a whore and the mainstream media, is that a whore gets paid for what they do, the … [Read more...]

Debbie Does Time?

What could possibly go wrong with a political party that literally "booed" the Lord God Almighty, and threw Israel under the bus at their national … [Read more...]

A Coup That Didn’t Materialize?

Adult incontinence products "took off" in sales nationally when it was revealed liberals REALLY WERE set up to take the country by force. The Obama … [Read more...]