American Mainstream Media: Whores That Don’t Perform

From The Files of the Kitchen Table Patriot: "The difference between a whore and the mainstream media, is that a whore gets paid for what they do, the … [Read more...]

Debbie Does Time?

What could possibly go wrong with a political party that literally "booed" the Lord God Almighty, and threw Israel under the bus at their national … [Read more...]

A Coup That Didn’t Materialize?

Adult incontinence products "took off" in sales nationally when it was revealed liberals REALLY WERE set up to take the country by force. The Obama … [Read more...]

“Op-Ed” from a “Kitchen Table Patriot”

  From the files of the Kitchen Table Patriot “The time is always right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King Jr. There are two paths in this life; … [Read more...]

Communism Causes Bad Breath

Communism always ends in an epic fail; too bad folks don’t do their research. For some reason, liberals see Socialism as a “road to Utopia” instead of … [Read more...]

CNN: An American “Hemotional” Male

I hope Americans awaken from their “Walking Dead”/Cheezits induced stupors for long enough to realize that our country is turning into a “police … [Read more...]

Media gets a “new one”, “Torn on the Fourth of July”

Why, how DARE Trump talk DIRECTLY TO THE BOURGEOIS!!!  Who does he think he is?! The media curtain has been tossed aside; the once-powerful wizard of … [Read more...]

Why, those Muslim “scamps” are at it again.

3 Who could have seen this coming?! *Newsflash* your research folks. Doesn't "Calais" sound like a refreshing green-noted … [Read more...]

The Associated Press….sorry not sorry.

Let me get this straight.....stories published on four different occasions by the Associated Press, turned out to be pure, unadulterated … [Read more...]

Could “Ramadan Rage” Be Merely Low Blood-Sugar?

  “Well, I know some folks become real “sassy Sals” when they get low blood-sugar; I won’t mention any names.” Krystle Scott, local girl. I’ve been … [Read more...]