The Thought Police’s Bullying via Mainstream Media is Tantamount to Modern Segregation

Most Americans are aware of the days of segregation, and accompanying separate seating, entrances and water-fountains for blacks.  It's over, … [Read more...]

Liberalism Makes Women Ugly

A picture can say a thousand words;  Youtube a helluva lot more.  Less than four years ago she was a classic beauty; celestial nose, long flowing … [Read more...]

The Grown-Ups Are Back in Charge

The United States went all “varsity” by dropping a “MOAB” or "mother of all bombs" on what Obama referred to as the “J.V. team”.  Yes, the adults are … [Read more...]

Media: From “watchdogs” to “lapdogs”

There was a time when the media was a sentinel for the American people, not simply a public relations "arm" for a liberal administration.  The solid … [Read more...]