I stand with Dana Loesch and the NRA

A tragedy happened in Las Vegas last night. An evil gunman, murdered 58 people and wounded over 520 people who were attending a concert. The … [Read more...]

Message to the Liberal Black Community: Get Over It!

Over the past few weeks, I find myself in shock and disbelief over what has been going on in my country of birth,the United States. I previously … [Read more...]

Antifa Must Be Labeled A Terror Organization

A few years ago when I first started political writing, I wrote an article called "Can anyone walk in Israel's shoes?" At the time I didn't think it … [Read more...]

Weissman: We Must Stand with Netanyahu and Reject #FakeNews

The Fake news mantra has now infiltrated Israel, or at the very least has come into the public eye more. Prime Minister Netanyahu is the one now being … [Read more...]

American Jewish Trump supporter in Israel challenges Linda Sarsour to a debate

I am writing this column to request to debate Linda Sarsour at Politicon or any News outlet. I, as an American Jew who supports President Trump, have … [Read more...]

A Child Legally Kidnapped in Broward County, Florida, as Systematic as it is Tragic

Genny Werner is a caring and kind mother who works very hard to meet her needs.  She has held steady, high pressure jobs and is a kind person who no … [Read more...]

Open letter to President Trump from an American in Israel

Dear President Trump, I am writing to request a meeting with you when you visit Israel.  I am a United States Army veteran who made the Jewish right … [Read more...]

Message from American Jew in Israel to Alt Right: “Grow up!”

For those who are part of the Alt. right group, I am not talking about the ones who simply disagree with POTUS Trump, I am talking about the ones who … [Read more...]

Ted Koppel; You are wrong, Sean Hannity is good for America and here is why.

In a CBS 'Sunday Morning' segment, Ted Koppel, an experience news journalist said that he thought Fox News commentator Sean Hannity is bad for … [Read more...]

Open letter to Trump: Let refugees into liberal populated cities. Maybe then they’ll realize the Danger.

I think it is time for liberals to have a taste of reality.   Obviously watching fake news and listening to idiotic celebrities has brain washed their … [Read more...]