Illinois Congressman Hits New Low

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Il) hit a new low in using Christianity to make a political point.

While debating the merits of a border wall with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, the shameless Gutierrez put on a display that only Satan himself would be proud of.

“It is repugnant to me and astonishing to me that during Christmas, a time in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ — a Jesus Christ who had to flee for his life with Mary and Joseph,” Gutierrez said. “Thank God there wasn’t a wall that stopped him from seeking refuge in Egypt.

“Thank God that wall wasn’t there and thank God there wasn’t an administration like this or he would have, too, perished on the 28th, on the Day of Innocents when [King] Herod ordered the murder of every child under 2 years of age,” he continued. “Shame on everybody that separates children and allows them to stay at the other side of the border fearing death, fearing hunger, fearing sickness. Shame on us for wearing our badge of Christianity during Christmas and allow the secretary to come here and lie.”

Apparently Mr. Gutierrez has forgotten that the Bible commands believers to respect their country’s laws. To ignore the fact that America has borders and immigration laws can actually be interpreted as an offense to the religion.

This is just the latest disgraceful act from the Illinois congressman. He has also been known to politicize the federal government’s response to Hurricane Maria to inspire misguided hatred against the President from native Puerto Ricans.

No congressman, just no…

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