Should you Learn Programming?

should you learn programming

According to Steve Jobs, everyone should know a little bit of programming primarily because programming teaches people how to think.

First of all, computer programming is a very flexible thing because it allows people to do some wonderful things. Everything including your smart phone, and the push button on your car makes use of computer programming. Without computer programming, the simplest of technology related things would not be possible for you to carry out.

We can say with great confidence that our lives these days are totally run by technology. In other words, our lives are dictated by computer programming.

For instance, computer programming allows you to respond to the text messages that you receive on your phone automatically. A number of different messaging applications are able to recognize repeated messages such as “Hi” and “Hello” in order to suggest predictions.

If you learn the art of computer programming, it does not necessarily suggest that you have to become the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. It does not also suggest that you carry the responsibility of developing the next big Dropbox and/or Facebook.

One of the biggest reasons why you should learn programming is because it is a great hobby to pursue. In case you pursue it well enough, you may as well open several earning doors for you and can turn it into a full-time career either via employment or Freelancing.

Below, we have mentioned the two biggest reasons why you should learn programming:

Programming can make you life easier

If you can write simple codes, you may be able to tweak the technological things that you have around you for the sake of customization. Consider smart phone customization as an example.

Apart from that, you can write a number of programs in order to develop applications that might be useful for your own personal use. Even if you do not have any such use, you can develop applications that can be sold for thousands of dollars.

In case you have played the game of chess on the smart phone, you might have realized how the top difficulty level always manages to beat you. Why does this happen? This is because the game is programmed to play all the right moves and the computer code anticipates more than 15 moves in advance at a time. This should be enough to let you know about the wonderful possibilities of computer programming.

Programming teaches you a lot of persistence

When you are a computer programmer, you begin to see the solutions to a lot of things. This is because you brain functions like a programmer, making you more sensitive to details, and allowing you to see great results from it.

No matter how difficult a decision or a problem may look like in real life, in case you are a computer programmer, you will always be very determined to get it done.

So whether you are an aspiring programming student, or just a hobbyist, learning programming is a wonderful thing. Hence, you should definitely take a go at learning it.

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