Has the Pixel 3 Lived Up to the Hype?

Has the pixel 3 lived up to the hype?

There has been quite a lot of hype surrounding the Pixel 3 phone by Google. However, according to critics, Google Pixel 3 has not certainly lived up to its hype. Although this phone does certainly have a very nice design, a sleek finish, and a vibrant display. Moreover, the camera is also nice enough. Moreover, like always, this phone by Google runs the best version of Android.

The Google Pixel 3 has taken a very big leap from the Pixel 2 which was its predecessor.

Previously, the devices produced by Google Pixel have not specifically been the favorite of people. They were functional at most but were never considered as fashionable. Although, they have been quite durable in terms of strength and impact resistance. Nevertheless, this is the first phone by Google that can be considered in match with the iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S9.

If you look at the Google Pixel 3 from a distance, you may notice that it looks just the same as the Google Pixel 2 by the virtue of its design. However, it is possible to feel enough difference upon picking it up.

The back of this phone is made of glass and is quite smooth to touch. Apart from that, it has a highly polished pebble finish that fits very nicely into the grip of your hands without slipping away. Apart from that, for the sake of some variety, the upper part of the glass is shiny whereas the lower part of the glass carries a matte finish.

Since Google has decided to switch to a glass finish, it has been possible for google to include Qi charging while retaining the water resistance rating of IP68.

On the other hand, the headphone jack has been removed by Google in order to provide room for the sim tray. Considering the hype that surrounded Apple earphone jack back when it released the iPhone 7 Google has somewhat remained in the safe zone. Although, the absence of a headphone jack is still a big concern for many users.

When Google unveiled the Pixel 3, it did not mention its specifications. To users it looks like they are more concerned about the performance of the chipset rather than the huge and copious amounts of RAM.

With respect to the amount of RAM however, there are versions having 4GB RAM with a 64GB storage. On top of that, a 128GB model is also available that would come for more money.

The 4GB of RAM does look like a meagre amount if you compare it with the standard amount of RAM that is available on most of the smartphones i.ie 6 and 8GB. Moreover, it is also expected that the snapdragon 845 will be replace with a snapdragon 55 with 5G connectivity in the coming months.

All in all, the Google Pixel 3 might be the favorite of many people however it did not certainly live up to the hype surrounding it.

The key features of the Pixel 3 include:

Key Features:
5.5 inches FHD+ display
4GB RAM with 64GB storage
Android Pie
12.2 megapixel camera


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