Windows 10 Bug Causes Malfunction in File Association

windows file association bug

Microsoft’s list of buggy update releases keeps getting bigger by the month. A bug has been discovered affecting the operating systems file association. This is the component that allows you to tell Windows which applications to use by default for specific file types. Tech website How-To-Geek tested the bug on multiple computers running Windows 10 and found the bug present in all of them. Not all applications are impacted by the glitch though. So far only Notepad++ and Photoshop have been discovered to be affected by it.

While this issue is a minor one, it just keeps compounding on a list bugs that Windows 10 has suffered since its release. The most recent, and damaging one, being the October update that deleted user files. Nonetheless, we have to cut Microsoft some slack on account of Windows 10 being a relatively new OS. Bugs are common when an OS is still in its infancy, yet, the windows for those excuses are starting to close, and Microsoft should start cleaning up its act.

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