First Section of Boring Company LA Tunnel on Track for December Opening

Boring Company First Section Complete

Los Angeles traffic is infamous throughout the U.S for its insane levels of congestion. Public officials have long been trying to curb LA’s traffic congestion with little to show for it. This is where the Boring Company, Elon Musk’s most recent venture, comes in to save the day.

The Boring Company will attempt to reduce LA’s traffic congestion by making a series of underground tunnels around the city that will transport vehicles by mobile platforms. These platforms move so fast that looking at a video of them traversing the tunnels can easily give anyone a seizure. Elon Musk tweeted a video of the first completed section of one of the tunnels which will be opened to the public on December 10.

Some believe that the traffic situation in LA is unfixable and commuters should just deal with it. Whether the Boring Company’s tunnels will help reduce traffic congestion in LA is yet to be seen. Nonetheless, many remain optimistic that the tunnels will improve the traffic condition in the city or at the provide it with some relief.

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