Elon Musk Hints at “Dog Mode” Feature for Tesla Vehicles

tesla dog mode

It’s a hot summer day and you just left the department store. As you are walking towards your car, you notice a golden labrador inside what seems a steaming hot car. You then wonder yourself whether you should shatter the window, contact the authorities or wait for the owner to come back. To avoid this moral dilemma, Elon Musk has tweeted about possibly adding a “Dog Mode” feature for its Tesla vehicles.

The feature was first conceived when a Tesla customer Musk through Twitter if a feature could be added to the Tesla Model 3 where the AC remains on and a message is displayed on the dashboard to let passengers know that the pet is safe. Musk eloquently replied with a “Yes” without giving any further details on how or when the feature will be implemented.

While the feature might not be as remarkable as other Tesla upgrades, it is a quality of life improvement that can keep your pet safe from the heat and your car window from being smashed open by good samaritans.

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