Hurricane Michael Wrecks Havoc Across Florida and Eastern States

hurricane michael florida

Hurricane Michael has left a trail of devastation in Florida’s Panhandle section leaving roads, houses, businesses, and public spaces in shambles. At its peak, Hurricane Michael reached category 4 status and is considered the third strongest hurricane to make landfall on continental U.S.  Michael, now downgraded to a tropical storm, continues wreaking havoc by causing flash floods as it moves inland towards the Carolinas.

The most hard-hit cities by Michael in Florida include Mexico Beach and Panama City. Many city residents have lost their homes either by being shredded by the strong winds and flying debris or washed away altogether by torrential flooding. Residents who evacuated are also facing difficulty getting back due to damaged roads and downed trees blocking the way. According to reports, six deaths have been caused by the hurricane with search and rescue missions still underway.

Michael has been downgraded to a tropical storm as it makes its path northward across coastal states in the eastern U.S. The storm has been causing massive floods in the Carolinas and Virginia. According to reports, 1.15 million residents in six states without power with nearly half a million of the outages in North Carolina. Communication services have also been affected due to the outages and downed phone towers.

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