Don’t Believe this Facebook Hoax

facebook message hoax

A Facebook hacking hoax has been circulating in the social media platform with the premise that someone is impersonating you and friend requesting your friends. According to reports, a message has been circulating among friend circles stating that they have been receiving a friend request from the user. The message sender then urges the user to check their account and suggests to forward the same message to the user’s friend.

By all means, this is your standard chain spam such as the ones seen on email or WhatsApp stating that “if you share this message to all your friends your wish will come true at midnight!!!” type of nonsense. With the recent Facebook hack that compromised 50 million accounts, people might be on edge and believe the hoax.

To check if someone is actually impersonating you, just search yourself up on Facebook to make sure. If not, ignore this message and do not forward it. While this hoax is not harmful, chain spams are really…annoying.

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