Amazon Faces Outrage From Senior Employees Over $15 Minimum Wage Increase

amazon workers angry

Amazon has been a company that has been criticized for the treatment of its workers in fulfillment centers. In a show of progressiveness and care for their workforce, Amazon raised its minimum wage $15. However, instead of causing celebration among the company’ workforce, employees were livid about the decision.

The outrage stems from the fact that the median wage for warehouse workers is $15.53. This means that a person who just started working at Amazon after the wage increase will make nearly the same amount as other employees who have been with the company for over a year. Just imagine the vexation of an employee who has done backbreaking work for years to earn his current wage so that a new hire earns the same in his first day.

Raising the minimum wage to $15 has been a highly debated topic for since its advent in the second term of Obama’s administration. Some argue that it will improve the economy by giving workers more disposable income. On the other spectrum, it has been stated that it would place a financial strain on businesses, small ones in particular, and result in layoffs and more. What is seldom talked about is how to compensate employees who have worked their way up to a $15 wage over the years.

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