Will North Korea Unite with The South in the Near Future?

U.S. President Donald Trump, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean Leader Moon Jae-in made history recently when talks between the United States and North Korea ended up in an agreement to begin to begin the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and bring the two Koreas together again as they’ve technically been at War since the 1950s because no peace agreement was signed.

The two sides are working together to build a lasting peace In the area but it’s going to take some time because there’s still a lot of mistrust. Recent achievements include the reunification of North Korean and South Korean families have been separated since the Korean War as well as the return of the remains of soldiers killed in the war on both the North Korean side and the American side. The sticking point that is going to make things difficult is the denuclearization of North Korea which may take some time or it may not happen at all.

Pyongyang has made statements before and promises that they were going to do things but always backtracked on those promises. The agreement that they made has no concrete steps about what should happen in regard to denuclearization or the timeline for the removal of the weapons. Some analysts call the agreement quite disappointing as there’s no way of verifying that North Korea has halted its weapons program.

Some hoping that these steps will reunite North and South Korean sometime in the future but it’s unclear just how this is going to occur or if it can actually happen. Some steps that have been taken include the halting of joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea which does ease the tensions in the area. The process of denuclearization is being pursued but more talks need to take place and concessions on both sides need to occur.

How Long will Denuclearization Take?

If the process of denuclearisation starts to occur, it’s probably going to take several years for the entire process to be complete. While there are some indications that North Korea has been dismantling some infrastructure, North Korea is still probably working on weapons in secret or hiding some of their weapons as they may not want to give up everything. It is unclear if North Korea will even give up all of their weapons even if they have said that they plan to denuclearize.  North Korea has probably developed a large nuclear complex over several decades and it may take considerable time to dismantle all of this infrastructure and there’s no way of knowing for sure if all of the infrastructures has been dismantled and all of their weapons are gone.

Some Hope

Despite the fact that North Korea will probably still have some sort of nuclear capability in the future, steps have been taken to reduce the risk on the Korean peninsula and if more talks can take place and trust between both the Koreas and the United States can increase, there’s a probability that North Korea may in fact give up all of its weapons, but this process is going to take a considerable amount of time and  there will probably be stumbling blocks along the way. Any deal for complete denuclearization is going to have to involve international weapons inspectors to verify that the weapons and the facilities have been destroyed.

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