YouTube Gaming Will be Integrated Into Main YouTube Site

youtube gaming

YouTube has announced the incorporation of their gaming app, YouTube Gaming, with their main site. According to Google, the move is made to make it easier for content creators to use the platforms without having to switch back and forth between the two services. The new destination for YouTube Gaming will be at

YouTube Gaming was released in 2015 as a video and streaming app designed for video game content and live streaming. However, YouTube Gaming was not adopted by a majority of gamers. This is most likely due to a combination of factors ranging from lack of awareness to a preference of other streaming platforms.

Moving YouTube gaming to the main site is a smart move. Many video gamers create content and post it on YouTube already. However, it is usually post-production content and not live streams. Many prefer to use Twitch, which they link in their YouTube channels, for live streaming gameplay. Since YouTube gaming will already be integrated into the main site, it will likely incentivize gamers to stream through it out of convenience.

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