How Can New Technologies in Sports Medicine Help Regular Americans

What are the top new technologies in sports medicine and how can they help regular Americans?

There are a lot of great, exciting, and fascinating new technology that is coming out. These new pieces of technology will be able to assist sports medicine as well as orthopaedic doctors help Americans and the rest of the world in a better way. Here’s a rundown of them:

Carestream Onsight 3D Extremity System – Carestream Health

An orthopaedic imaging tech that uses Cone Beam CT Technology to lower radiation dosages on current scanners. It also delivers high-quality images that capture the entire body. It’s also approved by the FDA and is compact that any doctor can fit it into their office. This in turn can reduce time as well as the need for hospital imaging appointments seeing as the process only takes 25 seconds to do a full scan.

ClearEdge Brain Health Tool Kit – Quadrant Biosciences Inc.

This new system is constructed to monitor the health of your brain right after it receives a concussion. While it might not get a lot of use for the average American, this can help a lot for those who play a lot of sports as concussions are quite common. All in all this piece of tech performs a functional assessment which tracks the subtle changes in our cognitive function. From symptoms and balance, the goal here it to provide long-term monitoring for athletes. This equipment will be fitting to determine what sort of therapies the individuals should be going through to get the most effective treatment.

Cobra Suture Passer – Stryker Corp.

This is the first ever reusable suture passer that uses stainless-steel needles. What this system is designed for is to provide arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. Every model since this one has used retinol needles which are far more flexible but may misfire or break more often. This piece of tech lowers the chances of intraoperative misfires as well as those distal tip needles from breaking. Furthermore it can pass through even calcified rotator cuffs which previous models struggled to do.

Frog-Skin – PolyPhysics Inc.

Frog-Skin is a wrap that provides cold therapy as well as compression for those who suffer musculoskeletal injuries. While it might not be anything new on the surface, Frog-Skin does quite a bit. For one the wrap is comprised of an elastic composite material. This allows the frog skin to be regulated during colder temperatures. Like a frog (hence the name). There’s two variants of this: 43 and 64, which are the Fahrenheit temperatures that those versions will regulate to respectively. 43 is for the average person while 64 is for the cold sensitive patients. What’s also great about this product is that it’s not toxic and it’s latex free.

Access Strength Platform – Include Health Inc.

The last one we will cover is the Access Strength Platform. Used as a form of rehabilitation exercises, this piece of tech does more than provide a means of exercise. It records a person workout and measures it as well. That information is stored on cloud software that’s HIPAA-compliant. It’s also got live guidance, scheduling, autonomous tracking and provides analytics of the activities that you performed. You can also upload specific protocols (exercise sequences) which can be downloaded at any point and people can perform when they’re ready.

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