Evernote Lays Off 15 Percent of its Workforce in Company Overhaul

evernote layoffs

The company behind the popular note-taking and archiving app Evernote has just laid off 54 employees from its workforce. The layoffs are the most recent occurrence that highlight the struggles Evernote has been facing. Only two weeks ago, the company lost four executive members from its C-suite.

Evernote is an app that facilitates note-taking by allowing users to take screenshots, or clips, of web pages in various formats. The app then allows you to save these notes and clips in folders, adding tags, and remarks. This streamlines the note-taking processes by consolidating written notes, web articles, and snapshots in a single place.

As convenient as the app sounds, it has been struggling to retain and gain new users. The company has also been having difficulties selling its premium service and enterprise products. It is probable that this stagnation in growth led Evernote to let go of 15% of its workforce.

Following the layoffs, Evernote’s CEO Chris O’Neill stated the company would focus on operational efficiency, product development, and quality. It is likely that these functional changes will be implemented to improve their products to make them more attractive for businesses. Only time will tell whether these changes will prove effective.

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