Apple Watch 4 Features an Accurate ECG Sensor

new apple watch 4

On the Wednesday event at the Steve Jobs Theater in California, Apple unveiled three new variants of its iPhone X. However, what really turned heads during the event was the new Apple Watch 4. This new iteration of the Apple’s smartwatch packed the new S4 chip for improved performance, a larger screen, and a louder speaker. On top of these improvements, its most impressive feature without a doubt is a highly accurate electrocardiogram(ECG) sensor.

The Apple Watch’s ECG feature has been cleared by the FDA as a Class II medical device used to diagnose diseases with minimal risk. The ECG sensor can help individuals suffering from certain heart conditions by alerting them when an irregularity in their heartbeat is detected. Ivor Benjamin, president of the American Heart Association, stated during the event how the smartwatch’s health features such as the ECG sensor could help users live healthier lives.

Some physicians however have expressed concerns about an increase in patients showing up to the ER due to false alerts from the smartwatch. In some cases, irregular heartbeat does not necessarily require assistance from medical professionals. Despite, this the technology holds promise and can become a great asset for the medical field in the future.

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