Microsoft Adds Another Step to Goad Users to Stay With its Edge Browser

microsoft pop-up edge

Microsoft has tried to convince users for the longest time to use their web browser, Edge, instead of competing ones like Firefox and Google Chrome. Now they took it a step further by displaying a pop-up message egging users to stick with Edge whenever you try to download a third-party browser. This is not the first time Microsoft has made subliminal attempts to get users to use Edge. However, this last one takes it to another level and just reeks of desperation.

Usually whenever you install a third-party web browser, at some point during the installation or when you first execute it, it would ask if you would like to make it your default browser. To make it harder for users to switch from Edge to other browsers, the OS forces them to go into the system settings. Even when changing the default browser on the settings, the system would display a pop up stating that Edge is better, faster, and safer.

There are two problems with this new approach Microsoft has taken, with both hurting the browser’s reputation. The first problem is the message gives you the feeling that you are downloading some adware or malware whenever you try downloading a legitimate software. This almost borders on unethical business practice. Secondly, it makes Microsoft sound desperate by hard selling its browser. If Edge is good, you don’t need to remind users about it whenever they want to switch to another browser.

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