Regarding the Surging Economy, Hey Obama, YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT!

Donald Trump has had a magical run as President. The President’s magic wand has rejuvenated a economy that spent a decade in the doldrums of first Bush policy and then Obamanomics.

Donald Trump is obviously not going to receive his proper due from mainstream media sources regarding his efforts to “Make America Great Again” economically, so in the wake of the “Barack Obama Revisionist History Tour” that began last week, the President tweeted out a little reminded of the foolishness of our last President:

Former President Obama has recently crawled out of whatever hole he was hiding in to attempt to take credit for the surging economy. This seems to be the Democrats latest tactic in attempting to manufacture a “Blue Wave” in November’s midterms.

The audacity of Obama in attempting to take a victory lap regarding the low unemployment numbers and rising wages is just the latest example of why Obama is by far the most arrogant man ever to be elected President.

Let’s not forget that Obama himself said that the 7 million manufacturing jobs that were lost in America during his presidency were ‘not coming back.’

In the last 12 months, statistics show that America has produced 300,000 new jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Regarding the surging economy, hey Obama, you didn’t build that!!

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