Tropical Storm Florence Predicted to Become Major Hurricane Affecting Eastern U.S.

Hurricane Florence

A tropical storm with the potential of becoming a hurricane is etching its way to the eastern United States. Tropical storm Florence is currently in the Atlantic about 800 miles away from the Bermudas. Experts predict the storm will intensify and become a major hurricane by Monday. According to the National Hurricane Center(NHC), The storm is expected to reach the U.S. coast by Thursday.

As of Saturday 5 p.m, the storm has sustained winds of 70 miles per hour but is expected to increase its strength to 111 mph by Monday. Forecasts predict tropical storm Florence will become a category four hurricane with sustained winds of 140 mph by the time it reaches the Eastern U.S Coast on Thursday.

It is still unknown what the exact path of the hurricane Florence will be. Current models predict the storm could make landfall anywhere between Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Given the unpredictable nature of hurricane paths, the weather channel advises everyone from Florida to New England to monitor Florence’s progress.

Governers of North Caroline, South Carolina, and Virginia have taken preemptive measures and declared a state of emergency. The U.S. Navy has already started making preparations to sortie its ships located in the Hampton Roads area.

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