Google Creates AI Toolkit to Detect Child Abuse Content


Google develops CSAM AI toolkit

The Internet allows us to share information and media like never before. However, just like developments in transportation facilitate the spread of diseases, the Internet also accelerates the diffusion of malicious content; One example being child abuse and pornography.

To counter this, Google has been researching for years on creating technology that can help detect and remove sexual abuse content involving children. This enterprise has brought to fruition a toolkit that uses Artificial Intelligence to identify images containing child sexual abuse.

Unlike other software that compares images to a database with content previously identified as Child Sexual Abuse Material(CSAM), the AI toolkit uses deep neural networks to scan and detect CSAM images that have not yet been indexed. According to Google, this would allow content moderators and site reviewers to identify 700% more CSAM over the same span of time. The toolkit will be made available for free to NGOs and industry partners through their Content Safety API.

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