School Shootings: Mental Health or 2nd Amendment Issue?

Are School Shootings A Mental Health Problem Or A Second Amendment Issue?

In America, there seems to be a mass epidemic of school shootings.  Over the past several decades there have been numerous school shootings that have resulted in many students either being killed or injured. Some people believe that this is a mental health issue While others insist that the ability of an individual to carry a firearm is part of their Second Amendment rights.  Others believe that Firearms should be restricted to a wide degree and that the Second Amendment should not matter as much in the case of school shootings because of the numerous firearms that are in circulation which are capable of inflicting mass casualties. There are other countries that do have similar firearm rights that Americans have like Switzerland, but mass shootings there are very rare.

Swiss and Firearms

Only Yemen and the United States have more guns per capita than Switzerland which has a population of 8.5 million people.  In Switzerland, many people are armed but mass shootings are very rare. It’s estimated that there are around 2 million guns in circulation in Switzerland. The gun laws in Switzerland are quite liberal, but crime is low. In the past 10 years, Firearms were used in only 120 homicides according to government figures. Switzerland hasn’t had mass shootings since 2001.

In Switzerland, those with mental health issues usually get the help that they need. If anyone is deemed to be dangerous they are reported to the proper authorities and they are not allowed to purchase a firearm. They do this to ensure that Firearms don’t end up in the wrong hands. this is one of the reasons why that mass shootings in Switzerland are so rare even though they have a wide number of firearm users. The Swiss also use are their firearms for hunting and Target practicing. This occurs in America as well, but Americans also use their firearms for self-defense and to protect their families.

The fact that Switzerland is culturally homogenous creates less of a possibility of jihad and the open border at the south contributes to the crime rate in America that necessitates the use of deadly force force for self defense.

Culture and Firearms

In America, there tends to be a more violent culture than there is in Switzerland. Violent video games in America, as well as gangster style rap music, encourages and promotes firearm of violence. Students veteran school maybe more susceptible to these violent influences and may act out if they are bullied or confronted by others. Many school shootings don’t end up being copycat shootings, they are simply disgruntled students that have some sort of mental health issue or acting out in a violent way.

Those in America that suffer from mental health issues need to have less access to firearms for violent school shootings and other shootings to diminish. School shootings in America are not really a result of the easy access to firearms and the Second Amendment, they are more of a direct result of culture and mental health. In the past, school shootings in the United States were quite rare even though many people had access to firearms such as in the 1940s or earlier. School shootings today are a relatively new occurrence, and this is a direct result of our changing culture period. Mental health and culture needs to change if we wish to see school shootings diminish.


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