Trump Says Google Rigged Against Him

An angry President Donald Trump tweeted his disapproval regarding Google search results on Tuesday.

Google immediately released a statement saying that it never shows bias “toward any political ideology.” The White House is doubling down on Trump’s claims however with Chief Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow saying that the executive branch would be looking further into the matter.

It has been a tumultuous week for the embattled president as last week saw the conviction of former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort on several charges as well as the guilty plea of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen in regards to hush money payouts in the time leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election.

Trump’s claim seems to be centered around a statistic that originated from PJ Media, that 96 percent of search results for the term “Trump News” came from “National Left-Wing Media.”

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  1. He’s both right and wrong in my opinion. I don’t think that Google’s search results are specifically rigged against Americans’ president; I think they’re rigged against non establishment, Lamestream Media, Fake News sources, especially ones that don’t adhere to the Left’s orthodoxy.


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