Deepfake AI Can Make Turn You Into a Dance Pro

Deepfake Dance

If you want to impress your friends with some impressive dance moves but lack the skills, Artificial Intelligence can help you pull it off. Researchers at Berkley College have developed an AI that copies the dance moves from a dancer and superimposes the movements on a dancer. To the viewer, it seems like the target dancer is doing the moves themselves. The program uses similar technology to Deepfake, an AI program that can change a person’s appearance by manipulating images and videos from other sources.

The program works by using video footage of a target dancer and a source dancer. The AI then converts their movements into an interactive stick figure. The figure of the source dancer is then used to modify stick figure of the target dancer. The video is then manipulated to make the target dancer’s movements match the ones of the source dancer.

Originally, Deepfake AI sparked some controversy due to users using it to add the faces of celebrities to pornographic videos. The program has also been used to impersonate and skew politicians. An example of this is when Angela Merkel’s face was replaced by Donald Trump’s. However, this new application of Deepfake could have some practical uses.

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