Study Shows 52% of Teenagers Seek to Curb Their Smartphone Usage

teenagers curb smartphone usage

Smartphone addictions is a real thing, and many of us are afflicted by it without even knowing it. While not nearly as bad as the opium epidemic plaguing the United States, it is still something that affects our mental health. A study, published by the Pew Research Center, revealed that 42% of teenagers feel anxious when they don’t have their phones. Furthermore, 56% report feeling negative emotions such as loneliness, feeling upset, or anxiety.

Parents have often debated to what extent they should restrict smartphone usage for their children. However, a separate survey showed that dependence on smartphones is not only limited to teenagers but parents as well. Teenagers reported their parents distracted 51% of the time by their phones when they engage in conversation. The study also showed that parents were more likely than teenagers to lose focus because of their smartphones.


Source: Pew Research Center

The fact that teenagers are taking steps to limit their smartphone usage shows they have become more aware of the effects it has on their emotional state. Besides restricting their children’s screen time, parents should set the example by taking note and curbing their usage.

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