Ralph Peters Goes Nuclear Against Fox

A shocking interview on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday saw former Fox News Military Analyst Ret. Col. Ralph Peters make several controversial statements regarding his former employer.

“As a a former Russia analyst,” Lt. Col. Ralph Peters told CNN’s Brian Stelter, “I am convinced that the president of the United States is in thrall to Vladimir Putin.”

He also chose colorful language when attempting to characterize signature Fox personalities Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. ‘The polite word is prostitutes, so we’ll just leave it that,’ Peters said.

Peters, who was once temporarily suspended from his job at Fox for referring to President Obama as a ‘pussy,’ left his job as a military analyst for Fox News earlier this year after declaring that the network was a “destructive propaganda machine” for President Trump. His appearance on CNN was spent mostly bashing his former employer. He stated that his reasoning for leaving the cable news giant was because he could not be part of an institution that was “assaulting the Constitution, the constitutional order, the rule of law.”


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  1. Colorado Conservative says:

    Fox News is filled with fake conservative NeverTrumpers and liberals who detest President Trump, so this man’s opinion is just that, his opinion. Fox News is not what it used to be now that the idiot Murdoch Boys are at the helm. Their goal is to turn it into another MSNBC. We cut the cable cord in 2016 and no longer tune into Fox News. People with cable should switch to Fox Business instead.


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