In Depth: Who is Omarosa and Why Should We Care

Previously known for saying ‘great things’ about Trump, now Omarosa Manigault Newman is declaring war against his former boss. The former White House Aide has remained defiant even if her feud with the president could send her in hot waters with possible legal battles.

Omarosa has asserted that she does not want to be bullied by president Donald Trump and that he can never silence her.

Who Is Omarosa?

It was on January 3, 2017 when Omarosa was announced to be part of Trump’s team at the White House. She was designated with the title as Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison.

But who is Omarosa before she got her role at the White House?

Hailing from Ohio, Omarose Manigault-Newman known as Omarosa is a former reality TV star who was part of NBC’s the Apprentice where Trump was the boss. She has gained significant attention on the reality show for her outspoken and sarcastic persona. She got fired from the first season of the Apprentice during week 9.

She went on to become part of the Celebrity Apprentice and was eventually fired on the show’s 10th episode. She again got enlisted to join Trump’s All-Star Celebrity Apprentice and following her heated argument with Piers Morgan, she ended up being fired by Trump from the show.

By and large, Omarosa has had a role in Trump’s world for about 15 years.

 Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House

In one of her interviews following her appointment as a White House political aide, Omarosa has called herself a ‘Trumplican’ and went on urging her fellow African Americans to switch their support to the Republican Party just like her.

But on December 13, 2017 news about Omarosa’s resignation from the White House broke and was finalized on January 20, 2018.

Now, Omarosa has written a book entitled Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House and has been making quite a buzz about her supposed tell-all book of inside knowledge of the White House.

Omarosa has caused indignation in the Trump administration after she has released a secret recording of her firing by White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly in the high-security White House Situation Room in December.

Omarosa has been unleashing fierce criticisms against Trump, saying that he is in mental decline and is a racist who goes further by intentionally sowing racial division. She is accusing him of using his rowdy political tactics to promote division instead of keeping the nation united.

In her book, Omarosa has portrayed Trump as incapable of controlling staffing decisions and most of all a misogynist and racist.

In a series of tweets, the President has characterized her as a ‘lowlife’, ‘wacky’, ‘dog’ and ‘vicious and not smart’. The Trump team has also announced of their filing of an arbitration action against Omarosa, alleging her of violations from a secrecy agreement that she signed. But unfazed Omarosa claims that she is not intimidated by this at all and has called Trump’s actions as a way of buying her silence.

Silence for what? I guess we’ll have to wait for the follow-up book…


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