Australian 16-Year-Old Hacks 90GB of Data From Apple

Apple Australian 16 Hack

Never underestimate how tech-savvy teenagers are these days. A 16-year-old Australian high school student managed to hack 90GB worth of data from Apple’s network. When Apple detected the breach, they informed the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) and managed to trace the origin of the hack to Australia. The FBI contacted the Australian Federal Police(AFP) which tracked down and raided the student’s home. The teenager, whos name has not been released due to being a juvenile offender, is currently facing criminal charges for the hack and will be sentenced next month.

The Australian hacker managed to remotely connect to Apple’s internal networks and retrieve 90GB of data that included internal data and ‘authorized keys’ that grant access to users. The teen is reported to have accessed the company’s system multiple times and used Virtual Private Networks(VPN) and other tools to cover his tracks. However, Apple logged the serial numbers of the MacBooks used during the breach. During the raid on the teen’s home, AFP recovered two MacBooks whos serial number matched the ones in Apple’s logs. They also seized a mobile phone and a hard drive containing the stolen data in a folder named ‘hacky hack hack’.

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