‘Wacky’ Omarosa Just Another Author Selling A Book

Just another Michael Wolff. Just another Fire and Fury….

Thrice fired Omarosa Manigault Newman, actually 4 times counting the White House, is just the latest former Trumper looking to monetize her relationship to the President.

Her sensational claims of racism are yet to be substantiated, but she has no desire to allow accuracy or honesty interfere with “YUGE” first week book sales it seems.

Newman, who signed a non-disclosure agreement has also revealed the existence of a secret recording made of her with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. She also claims to have heard another apprentice era recording of Trump uttering a racist remark, which she is yet to reveal.

There is no actual proof that such a recording exists, but again, there are books to sell!!!

Trump lashed out on Newman via what else, Twitter:

It’s a good bet that the fake news media will be propping up Omarosa as if she was 2nd coming of Jesus over the next few weeks…

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