Delusional Ex-Virginia Gov to CNN: Impeach Trump for ‘Bear Hugging’ Putin

In the neverending anti-Trump witch hunt, every couple of days a crazy charge against the President will surface. This time, one of the crazier “grounds for impeachment,” was proposed by former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

“He is our enemy, and we should should fight him and quit bear hugging like Trump likes to do.”- Terry McAuliffe to CNN

That wasn’t all that the unhinged McAuliffe said to CNN on Sunday. Among the other nuggets of misinformation and propaganda was:

“If President Clinton or President Obama had gone to Helsinki and done what President Trump had done, you would already have impeachment hearings going on,”

“This president went over, with Putin, who is our sworn enemy . . . what he has done all over the globe, this is not our friend; he is not our ally.”

“Russia’s economy is smaller than Italy. They are our 30th trading partner. Why is [Trump] over there elevating this country and this president to a level of a super power, which they are not.”

“I think there’s something we ought to look at, clearly, what [Trump] has done with Putin – he is a foe, he fights us every single day, we’re battling him all over the globe including what’s happening in Ukraine, what’s going on in Syria today,”

“There has to be a reason why he’s over there acting the way he acts about Putin.

“These candidates should not be talking about 2020. We have too much at stake. We need to make sure we have a check and balance on President Trump.”

McAuliffe had nothing to say regarding the decimation of ISIS or the improved economy, but then again, the “journalists” at CNN failed to ask him about those subjects…

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