Trump Sets Twitter on Fire as He Points Finger at “Crooked Hillary”

Russia, Russia, Russia!!!

The battle cry of those afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has echoed across the country for what feels like the entirety of an 8 year Trump reign already. Pundits, Activists and the liberal “Man” on the street have been unable to wrap their heads around the idea that policy still matters to the informed voter.

The voice of the people, our 45th President Donald J Trump, decided to once again address the fake news story of the century, the phony Russian collusion narrative that has dominated the news cycle for the past year and a half.

Despite the strong economic numbers and a foreign policy that has shifted from an appeasement strategy to one of peace through strength, the media has chosen to focus on Putin controlled boogeymen and Stormy Daniels. Leave it to Trump to give his honest assessment directly to the American People.

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