FBI Arrests Three Members of Infamous Hacker Group Fin7

Fin7 Hackers

Three key members of a hacking syndicate involved in stealing more than 15 million dollars through payment cards have been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI). The hacker group, known as Fin7, is responsible for stealing payment card data from companies across the United States, Europe and Australia. They would then sell the card information on the dark web or use the cards to make purchases that aggregate to millions of dollars.

According to the Department of Justice(DOJ), Fin7 has been responsible for hacking more than 100 companies in the US. They have breached networks across 47 states and hacked 6500 point of sale terminals. The primary method of infiltration used in these campaigns is phishing attacks. This hacking technique involves sending emails containing malicious attachments that once opened can give the attacker access to the systems. The group also used a variant of the Carbanak malware to target banks and extract payment information from ATMs.

Fin7 is not just a motley crew of hackers trying to make a quick buck. They operate with a level of organization and ingenuity that is more akin to a crime syndicate. The three Ukrainian nationals arrested, Fedir Hladyr, Dmytro Fedorov, and Andrii Kolpakov, served supervisory roles within the group. While this is a blow into the organization’s operations, it does not mean that this is the last we will hear from Fin7’s exploits.

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