Parent’s are Paying Video Game Coaches to Tutor Their Children in Fortnite

fortnite tutoring

Talk about a shift in priorities; Parents are paying tutors to improve their children’s skills in the online video game Fortnite. Fortnite is a popular multiplayer game developed by Epic Games that pits 100 players against each other in an enormous arena. Its popularity has made it a cultural phenomenon, with many celebrities and athletes stating they play the game. Ok so the game is popular, but you are probably wondering why parents are willing to dish out up to $35 an hour for video game tutoring. The short answer would be Twitch streaming.

Twitch is a streaming platform used to live stream a players gameplay in real-time. Twitch also has a feature that allows viewers to donate money to streamers. Some players can make a living out of Twitch streaming. Popular streamer Richard Tyler Blevins, a.k.a. Ninja, has 15 million YouTube subscribers and is estimated to earn over $500,000 a month from his Fortnite streams. Looking at the monthly 6 figure sum, you can see why parents would want to invest in their children’s gaming abilities. But is it really a sound investment?

The biggest asset that you will ever have when it comes to making money is your mind. The money used on these “Fortnite tutors” would be better spent investing in your child’s education and development. Setting up a college fund or paying for extracurricular activities that develop their character would help your children more in the long run. If you still want to encourage your children to improve their gaming skills that’s fine. Many YouTube videos teach players how to be proficient without needing to pay. But don’t put more pressure on your them by turning playtime into money-making time.

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