Apple Makes History by Passing $1 Trillion Valuation Mark

Apple 1 trillion

Apple Inc. made history on Thursday by becoming the first American public company to break through the $1 trillion market cap. Its shares, propelled by its earnings reports, reached a value of $207.04 earning the company $1 trillion of market valuation. Furthermore, many financial analysts believe Apple’s valuation has the potential of going even higher. Whatever the future may hold, you can bet that Tim Cook and everybody on Apple’s C-suite are doing the money dance right now.

Many skeptics believed that Apple would see a decrease in profit due to a stagnant number of iPhone sales. Apple made up for this shortcoming by the revenue generated from higher-priced phones. This shows the company has switched its focus to selling higher priced devices instead of a greater quantity. However, Apples greatest strength has always been the development of stylish high-end products integrated into an ecosystem that the average user can use. It also helps that the company is a master of the art of marketing said products.

From its humble beginnings as computer hardware company, Apple’s growth into a massive multinational corporation valued at $1 trillion is an inspiration to any entrepreneur wishing to start their own ventures.

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