Trump/Acosta Rift Displays Value of 1st Amendment

It was the chant heard around the world. “CNN SUCKS! CNN SUCKS!”

CNN is reaping what they sowed as a result of manufacturing a resistance to the true will of the people. Lower ratings and disappearing legitimacy as a result of their half-truths and outright lies has turned American viewers against CNN.

Despite all of Jim Acosta’s bellyaching, his demagoguing of Trump supporters is as based in reality as the majority of CNN’s daily programming.

Did he not hear Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ call to harassment of Trump Staffers and Supporters? Can he not understand the difference between an expression of one’s opinion regarding his employer and the execution of attempted murder against members of Congress last summer that almost took the life of Rep. Steve Scalise?

The fact of the matter is that all opinions expressed last night are protected by the 1st Amendment. Trump has the right to support the chanters, Acosta has the right to bitch and moan and CNN had the right to cover the event and hear the opinion of American television viewers.

CNN, for all their negative Trump rhetoric, attempting to paint him as a authoritarian dictator, was allowed to cover the rally. If Trump truly was the monster they make him out to be, wouldn’t they have been shut out of the event?

The level of delusion continues to grow as Acosta expected a hero’s welcome at a Trump rally. He must be smoking with Lemon…

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