Blakeman To Newsmax: Judge Kavanaugh Can Run Rings Around Senators


In advance of what is expected to be a testy confirmation process in advance of a critical midterm, Newsmax TV spoke with former G. W. Bush aide Bradley Blakeman, who previously shared an office suite with newly minted Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh in the West Wing in the days of “43.”

Among the interview highlights, Blakeman said of Kavanaugh:

“Judge Kavanaugh is about as cool and calm as they come,”

“He is not going to be baited, he is not going to be flustered. And Judge Kavanaugh can run rings around senators.”

“He’s a guy the country is very lucky to have to serve as a justice on the Supreme Court,”

(Kavanaugh) “is very quiet, very deliberative, very humble. In a town where sometimes you see people who have Potomac Fever and it’s all about them as opposed to something bigger than themselves, he was about service. He came into the office very, very early and he left very, very late. For him, it was all about service and quality of work. He is the real deal.”

“There weren’t two sides to him. He was very predictable in his behavior. I never witnessed him fly off the handle. I never witnessed him dishonor himself or the president, and I saw him treat people equally and with respect no matter who they were.”

“The fact is when he went before the Senate for confirmation to the circuit court, he did a fantastic job,”

“If there was any opposition research to come about him, you would have heard about it then.”

The last quote is of particular importance as Democratic senators are expected to work hard at trying to discredit Kavanaugh in advance of November’s midterm. Their opposition to him is seen as key to manufacturing a so-called “Blue Wave.”

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