Cruz Would Have Made Best SCOTUS Pick


In a column written by Reactionary Times Editorial Director Julio Rivera for, he laid out the case for Ted Cruz for SCOTUS. Many have argued that Cruz is best deployed in the Senate and eventually the Whitehouse, and that should he be nominated for the SCOTUS that the GOP risks losing the upper chamber of Congress.

From the story:

First, by accepting the nomination, his top 2016 rival would no longer look to ever run for President again. Secondly, the young, healthy and energetic Cruz, at age 47 would meet Trump’s criteria for a new Justice that will sit on the bench for the next 40 years, providing another conservative stalwart in the Court. Thirdly, it may finally be the act that kills off the last of the never Trumpers on the far right, who never forgave the president for tactics employed during the primary. With another celebrity presidential campaign by the powerful and influential Oprah Winfrey potentially looming for 2020, President Trump may need to consolidate the entire Republican base for reelection. Sometimes the best decisions are also the easiest.

Cruz has actually been championing the possible nomination of his close friend and ally Utah Senator Mike Lee for the SCOTUS. Mike Lee is also known as a staunch constitutional conservative.

Who would you like to see nominated for the SCOTUS? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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