Kim is Coming to America! Trump Scripted Plot Better than Team America Film



Who could have predicted this weeks miracle 10 years ago? 5 years ago? Just last year?

The surreal storyline that moved from advances in ICBM capability for North Korea, to Twitter blasted insults from President Trump against the North Korean Leader, to outrage from the American left accusing Trump of leading us to Nuclear War, to this weeks miracle is truly better than any popular movie script.

Speaking of movie scripts, the 2004 Matt Stone and Trey Parker produced comedy, Team America: World Police, satirized the reclusive North Korean regime under its previous leader Kim Jong-Il. Much just his father, the younger Kim has used laughable propaganda to consolidate power and create a God like image in the eyes of his brainwashed subjects.


In the film, the search for Weapons of Mass Destruction leads an elite special forces group known as Team America to North Korea. The same North Korea that just met with the 2018 version of an elite American Force. Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo and yes, as laughable as it may have seemed years ago, Dennis Rodman spearhead an effort that achieves the global goals of ending the Korean War and Denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.


Now we stay in the Comedy Genre for the next film in the foreign policy double feature. Oh say, can you see? Kim is Coming to America!

coming to America

No. He isn’t on his way to Queens to find a bride. According to most Memes based on Kim, he may just be looking for a McDonald’s. Hopefully, he doesn’t find a McDowell’s restaurant first.


Either way, when Kim gets there, he will probably be beaming with newfound American inspired pride as he shuffles his iTunes to this classic:

Or maybe not? Here’s to hoping for the best. Stay tuned….

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