Pence on Weaponized FBI: “The American People Have the Right to Know.”


Vice President Mike Pence had a lot to say to FOX News’ Martha MacCallum on Monday regarding explosive new allegations against the FBI’s investigation into the Trump 2016 Presidential Campaign.

“With the revelations that our campaign may have been the subject of surveillance by the FBI, the president I think is grateful that the Department of Justice is going to have the inspector general look into it and determine and ensure that there was no surveillance done for political purposes against our campaign,” Pence said.

In regards to the general public’s perception of the matter, the VP said, “I think it would be very troubling to millions of Americans if that took place, but we are very confident that as the inspector general has been doing their work, looking at the conduct of the FBI during that period, that by adding their focus to this that we will get to the bottom of it because the American people have a right to know.”

When asked whether he thought Trump would declassify DOJ documents used to open the investigation the Vice President said, “The principle here that the American people have a right to know what happened, the people’s Congress ought to have the ability to review those materials in a timely way, is a principle we adhere to in this White House.”

The release of those documents would most certainly shed light on whether there were legitimate concerns to justify this endeavor, or whether it was the political hitjob many have been speculating it to be all along.

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