Human Crisis: Maduro Gets 6 More Years


The story of Venezuela is an almost perfect example of Murphy’s Law. What had once been a very successful and wealthy democracy has deteriorated into perhaps the most tragic failure of socialism ever to occur in the Americas.

People are starving. Wealth and income inequality has created a 2 class state where the politically connected thrive while “the people” the socialists in power have long claimed to stand for are forced to endure long lines for basic supplies, food and medicine shortages and outright starvation. Their quality of life has fallen to the point that electricity and running water are luxuries.

It’s enough to inspire a Revolution….

Unfortunately, the victims of this horrific oppression have just “voted” to endure the heartache for another 6 years, as news reports confirm that the brutal conditions that we’re initially part of former president/dictator Hugo Chavez evil design, will continue under his newly re-elected and handpicked successor, Nicolas Maduro.

The time for International Intervention has come in the unfortunate case of Venezuela. Until then, please pray for the victims.

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