Is President Trump Being Played By North Korea?


“President Trump told me three days ago that he wants to end this in a win-win way, he thinks that’s possible, but if they pull out, they play him, that we will end North Korea’s threat to the American homeland in his first term and I will let you surmise as to what that might look like.” Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC)

The sudden reversal begs the question, “Is President Trump being played?” In an interview on Fox News Sunday, South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham advised, “every other president has been played” by the North Korea.

“If they play Trump, if they try to nickel and dime him and try to run out the clock on him and we will have a conflict and it’s going to be in his first term,” Graham said. “I’m highly confident of that because there is no other place to kick the can. … President Trump is going to end this problem with North Korea one way or the other, and he should.”

Graham opined that if Kim Jong Un fails to “show up” for the expected Singapore sit-down next month, “that means diplomacy has failed.”

“That puts us back on the track to conflict and it would be time to take American families out of South Korea,” Graham said. “It’s going to end one way or the other by 2020.”

Perhaps Graham’s cryptic tone should be considered by North Korea as they plan their next move in this high stakes foreign policy chess game.


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