Iran Deal Dead: So Much Win For Trump


Back in September of 2015, Republican Presidential Candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump came together to speak at a massively influential rally in the nation’s capital, in opposition to the Kerry/Clinton/Obama Iran Nuclear Deal.

“We are led by very, very stupid people,” Trump said at the time to the Tea Party members who gathered on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol.

iran dead deal.jpg

The man who would become Trump’s main rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz chimed in with his belief that Iran would not honor its side of the deal and continue to work towards nuclear weapons. Cruz told the assembled crowd that the Iran deal represents “the single greatest national security threat facing America.”

Fast-Forward almost 3 years and we see delivery on another promise made on the campaign trail by Trump.

“We will have so much winning — if I get elected — that you may get bored with winning,”- Candidate Donald Trump Sept. 2015

Despite the best efforts to swing public opinion against the idea of pulling out of the deal by Former Secretary of State John Kerry, the President defiantly stated, “The United States does not make empty threats,” in a televised address.

Iran’s government is now forced to make a decision on whether also withdraw or try to save portions of the deal. Iran has been inconsistent with its messaging on how they would deal with this scenario if presented. The answer will likely depend on exactly how Trump exits the agreement.

Trump is looking to re-impose all sanctions on Iran that had been lifted under the deal, not just the selected ones expiring immediately. At this point, it seems the deal is DEAD.

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